What is Rebasing and why does it Matter to me?
AMPL's Visualisation of Rebasing

What is Rebasing and why does it Matter to me?

By 3NiGMa | Only Good News! | 16 Aug 2021

Greetings budding cryptoheads!

Today on Only Good News we will be discussing something that is very relevant to all Publish0x users, especially those that are interested in $AMPL, rebasing!


Rebasing, also known as elastic supply, is a method of keeping the value of a coin stable, by adjusting the supply and demand of said coin. For example, the token $AMPL is rebased around the value of $1USD, and is adjusted every 24 hours. This means, if you have 1 AMPL worth $2, after the rebase, you will now have 2 AMPL, but they are worth $1 each. This means that there is almost no way to make long-term capital gains off of AMPL, because the value of the coins that you are holding will always be the same. You can see in the graph below that apart frm a few drastic spikes that only last a few days, the price of AMPL is pretty consistently 1USD, or slightly above.

There is a small detail that really separates AMPL from other coins, and it makes it very good as a long term stablecoin. The target price of $AMPL isn't actually 1USD, it is 1USD in 2019. This means, as the value of the US dollar naturally declines due to inflation, the value of $AMPL will stay relatively stable, and will even increase when denominated in US dollars.

$AMPL is available to swap and lend on Aave, so make sure to head there if you want to cash in on your AMPL!


All in all, $AMPL is a relatively stable token with a big, safe future, so keep tipping and writing to keep earning that precious $AMPL! Comment below what you think I should make my next post about!




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You can find more information on Ampleforth here:



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