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Government banking fraud forces online workers, investors to do crypto work

By pcwork | onlinemoneymaking | 9 Dec 2023

Government agencies especially intelligence agencies are free to hire anyone they wish and should be honest about the resume, savings, skills and experience of their employees. Yet in a major banking, work at home fraud since 2010, government agencies are hiring the lazy greedy fraud relatives, friends and associates of powerful top government employees and then falsely claiming that these government employees own the online, bank account, domains, of an online worker, private citizen to give the relatives, associates no work, no investment government jobs in the indian internet sector at the expense of the online worker

To cover up the government work at home, banking fraud, the online worker is criminally defamed and tortured for more than 13 years, making fake allegations of black money, cheating and security threat without any kind of legally valid proof at all. When high status "respectable" DISHONEST government employees and other well connected people, repeat their lies like parrots for several years, it creates the illusion of truth and people, companies and countries start believing the fake propaganda.

Top tech and internet companies show their lack of corporate ethics, honesty and humanity in supporting the relatives and friends of top government employees in their banking, online fraud, cybercrime since 2010. The high status relatives and friends of government employees can easily open their own online and bank account legally, yet since they are extremely greedy, dishonest and ruthless, they refuse to do so, continue their banking fraud. The online workers will have no reason to complain if these high status frauds opened their own online, bank account, and stopped falsely claiming to own the account of the online worker.

Instead they find that criminal defamation of the hardworking online worker, investor, hysterically making fake allegations without any kind of proof is the easiest way to get away with their banking fraud, government slavery. The government agencies show their lack of professionalism, honesty and humanity blindly believing in criminal defamation, slander of the high status frauds. Additionally the online worker, investor who is being criminally defamed by government employees and their associates is never given any opportunity to defend himself or herself, against the fake allegations.

The government banking fraud has continued for more than 13 years without being questioned, and now the greedy government employees especially a gurugram cheater mba, bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife, sindhi, goan, gujju cheaters are extremely aggressive in blocking all work which is paid using paypal, payoneer so that their online, banking fraud, slavery is not exposed. The government agencies are aware that their housewife employees are only cooking, cleaning for their crooked husband, yet in a clear case of discrimination, they continue to make up fake stories and waste taxpayer paying salaries to the housewives and other frauds faking bank account ownership.

Even maidservants, prisoners are paid for they do, only in india the government agencies refuse to acknowledge the time and money spent by online workers, investors, dupe countries, companies and people with fake stories about their call girl, stock broker, human resource manager , housewife and other fraud employees. So to pay the huge domain renewal fees, the online worker, investor is forced to do whatever online work available, which is mainly crypto work.

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