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By Prin Seu | Onii-Chan Anime Recaps | 19 Jul 2022


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We start off immediately with a terrible car accident, leaving our 34-year-old main character -yet to be named, in very critical condition. While he's being rushed in the ambulance to the hospital, he wonders about the safety of the 3 high school kids that were also involved in the accident. 




Only one of them is found, and the other two are still missing. And also, while he's being rushed, he can hear both the conversations from those tending to him and the conversations from an other-worldly place speaking a foreign language. He realizes that when he's finally dying and slipping away, he's also being born as an infant baby. But the catch is that his thoughts as the 34-year-old man he was are all still intact. 

So, of course, his first impressions about her mother would've been about her boobies. He thought to himself that even he is older than her own new parents who appear to be in their early 20s. As a 6-month-old baby, he really likes crawling everywhere around the house. 




He hears his mom looking for him, calling him "Rudeus." And that's when he knows what his new name is for the first time. Then we are introduced to their maid named "Lilia." Who he really, really likes. 

And Lilia can notice it and is somehow aware that the baby is infatuated with her, but just can't explain it. Rudy took a peek outside of the house through the window to see a beautiful rural landscape. 

He's not a big fan of living on a farm tho, coz he really liked living with his PC in the city he came from. 

Then he saw his father swinging a sword gracefully. And in his disbelief, he fell where he stood and hit his head on the ground. But, didn't cry. 

Just to make sure he's fine, his mom cast a healing spell on him. And to his surprise, he realizes that he's no longer on earth, but in another world of sword and sorcery. 




He's now 2 years old and is able to walk... somehow. 

Ever since he learned about his new magical world, he's always been very interested and invested in learning magic on his own from his family's books he found in the storage room. But since he's reborn in a new world, he's gotta have to learn to read all over again for another year. 

Then at 3 years of age, his favorite book to read turned out to be The Magic Manual. And that's where he first learned about incantations -which is the most dominant form of magic. 




He also learned early on that genes play an important role in how much Mana a person gets which is already fixed at birth. It disappointed him coz he doesn't have much faith in his past life's genes. But he tries a basic water ball incantation for the first time anyway. 

His first attempt was actually quite successful at making a water ball but was just very unimpressive to him coz he couldn't make it fly. Then he tries again one more time, but surprisingly, a water ball already came out even without him chanting the incantation yet. Then he passes out coz those two spells already consumed all his MP.  

He trained every day zealously and practiced the same water ball spell for another year. And he realized to himself that his textbook was wrong about some things because in his experience, mana does grow the more it's used, and incantation spells still work without having the need to chant. 

Then after some time, he's become a lot more proficient in creating water balls so he began to think that maybe he's actually special. 

Then finally, he learned how to shoot the water balls and quickly mastered it. So to test his abilities even further, he quickly decided to try an intermediate spell from the book called Splash Flow. He was able to do the incantation spell by reading the book aloud, which launched a huge water attack, breaking a huge hole in the house. 




His parents rushed upstairs to check up on him and learned that it was Rudy himself who cast a powerful spell and broke the window. And his mom is very, very proud. Coz apparently, kids his age being able to do intermediate magic is very rare. 

So they decided to hire a private tutor and got "Roxy Migurdia" to tutor their son magic. She appears to be, very tiny, yet very sassy. Then for some reason, Rudy is showing signs of fear just by the idea of being outside. 




At first, Roxy thinks that Rudy is just a dud early bloomer not worth the effort to teach. 

Rudy started by demonstrating a water ball incantation spell. Then when Rudy performed the same spell while getting distracted and cutting the incantation halfway, Roxy learned that Rudy does wordless spellcasting and she changed her mind about him and realized that he really is a special boy. 

Rudy's parents invited Roxy over dinner and they actually prepared a welcome party for Roxy. 

The night ends with a beautiful dinner party, with Rudy, our main hero, contemplating his painful and regretful past life and how he is grateful to actually have a second chance to make it in life by being reborn as a special boy in a new magical world. 

Next, we are brought back to earth and to a funeral of 2 old people.  Then we can see Rudy in his past life jacking off to some porn in his cluttered and dirty bedroom. Then 2 man and a woman came up to his room with one of them wielding a bat. 




They beat up the 34-year-old man and threw him out on the street. As he was walking and about to cross the street, he saw a truck driving recklessly in the rain and about to hit 3 high school students who are loudly arguing with each other. 

He attempted to call them out but couldn't hear him, so he rescued them by running straight toward the truck's path to his own death. Then Rudy wakes up from the flashback and realizes he dozed off again after running out of MP practicing earth magic. He could hear her noisy parents having sex so he's thinking he should mess with them, but he saw Roxy outside the bedroom door instead, all hot and sweaty. 

So he just went back to the room instead and enjoyed what he just saw. Roxy has been teaching Rudy all sorts of magic for 6 months already. She's been a very very good hands-on teacher to Rudy, and they even held classroom-style lessons during the evening. 




Which always seem like peeping opportunities for Rudy that he definitely doesn't waste. And that's when Rudy learned about the history of spirits, demons, and other beings existing in his new world. And he even learns that Roxy is a demon herself. 

Roxy also talks about the Superd race of Green-haired Demons being very vile and vicious. Rudy does a little more flirting after the lesson and keeps on complimenting his teacher to make her blush. And then takes another peeping. 

After some more time, all of Rudy's training has paid off. He can now use advanced magic and he practically never runs out of mana anymore. Meanwhile, Rudy's swordsmanship lessons with his dad aren't as smooth. One day, Rudy is outside their garden over their brick fence he saw 2 kids playing around. 

When the kids saw him, Rudy freaked out and saw them holding camera phones on him. It appears that Rudy is actually suffering from some sort of bullying trauma because of his bitter past life. And he never explains anything about it to anyone, not even Roxy or his parents. 




Roxy teaches Rudy a little bit of geography and a beautiful snowy place called Rinoa –which contains a great school for mages. Roxy recommends Rudy that he should go to this school soon because she would eventually run out of things to teach him. But Rudy insists that he wants Roxy to stay forever with him as his master. 

Roxy finds Rudy sweet but is unsatisfied with the idea. Coz apparently, she doesn't really think she herself is any special. Rudy celebrates his 5th birthday. Unlike on earth where each birthday is celebrated annually, in their world, birthdays are celebrated every 5 years, but each of these celebrations is an incredibly huge celebration with big feasts and grand gifts. 




Rudy receives a sword from his father, a new magic textbook from his mother, and from his teacher, a newly crafted wand that amplifies mana. The very next day is set to be his graduation day from Roxy tutoring. But he is still incredibly anxious to go out of the house because the idea of outside gives him so much trauma. 

He keeps remembering the savage bullying he experienced in school in his past life. And sometimes his bullies would even harass him from outside of his house. But Roxy somehow was able to convince him to face his fears and travel outside of his house and front yard for the first time in his life. 

When they were already outside, Rudy still thinks that their neighbors are staring at him, but he realized that they were all just greeting Roxy. He realized that those people have no reason to mock him or mean to him and stare at him with disgust. 

They have finally arrived at the destination and it's time for Rudy's Graduation Exam. Rudy demonstrates a Saint-class water spell called Cumulonimbus. And, it's incredibly powerful. 

It's Rudy's turn and he creates an even bigger Cumulonimbus. It took Rudy only 2 years what Roxy took a lifetime to learn. And Rudy hates the idea that he and Roxy are no longer going to have to be together. 




Roxy finally declares Rudy as a Saint Class Water Mage. Later that night, it's time for Roxy to finally go. Rudy's parents tried to convince her to stay but she's made up her mind on going back to venture and hone her own magic skills as well. 

Before she goes, she gave Rudy an amulet from her village as a parting gift to commemorate Rudy's graduation. Rudy ran and chased Roxy after a while to thank her for everything she's done for her. Especially about being able to help him face his fears and actually heal from his past life trauma for the first time in both of his lives. 




It's a sweet, sweet moment... until Lilia eventually finds out about Roxy's underwear that Rudy stole from her a few months back. 

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Thanks for watching and stay tuned, Oni-Chan! 

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