Raise Questions To ONEROOT Mystery Man Talk Show, RNT Rewards Are Waiting for You!

By ONEROOT | ONEROOT | 11 Mar 2019

As we all know, ONEROOT is a team dedicated to technology research and development.

Through development, ONEROOT has become increasingly mature.

The team now consists of more than 100 people with many big names in technology.

Today, you have a chance to communicate with one of ONEROOT’s big name – the Mystery Man


Given that ONEROOT wants to have closer contact with you guys, we decide to launch a new video programme of ONEROOT Mystery Man Talk Show to deepen your understanding of ONEROOT. In this programme, our senior engineers will answer the questions raised by the community members. Click here to submit your questions


Requirements: The questions you asked should be related to the focus of blockchain industry, blockchain technology or ONEROOT DEX technology.


◆What do you think about the future development of DEX?

◆How does ONEROOT's DEX avoid the problem of concurrent order failure?

◆How does ONEROOT’s DEX realize order data sharing?

◆What are ONEROOT’s advantages over 0x?

Deadline for submission of questions: 18:00 (UTC+8), Mar. 12, 2019,


Keep up with our ONEROOT Mystery Man Talk Show.

Please save a screenshot of the questions you submitted. If those questions are answered by the ONEROOT Mystery Man, you can get the distribution of  3888 RNT.

- About ONEROOT -

ONEROOT has built a distributed business engine, established a new type of collaborative relationship of cooperation and common development. Through a series of crypto asset infrastructure construction, ONEROOT helps resources (software, hardware, manpower, etc.) circulate inside and outside the industry quickly, improves the utilization efficiency and promotes the development of the entire industry. At this stage, as a blockchain technology service provider, the main goal of ONEROOT is to create a secure, transparent, open and friendly distributed cryptocurrency trading system, and return the right of trading to the community.


Telegram-en/ONEROOT network/R1 protocol/Reddit/Twitter/Medium/Linkedin/Facebook/Github

Instagram: @onerootnetwork

Youtube: @OneRoot Project


Naver blog/Kakao



Official QQ group: 6644849

Official WeChat account: oneroot_admin

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ONEROOT is blockchian technology service provider.


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