Current Savings ( In Crypto )

By OneManCrypto | OneManCrypto | 21 Jun 2024

In order to try and take advantage of the path of becoming a crypto-millionare, I'm utilizing Coinbase's staking rewards. With that being said, in the attached image below this shows how much I've been able to save, this number you're seeing below comes from all of the affromentioned websites and apps with their surveys, PTC ADs, and selling some personal items.

I plan on doing this on a pretty consistent basis - Publish0x allows for per Monday withdrawals.

Cointiply has a minimum withdrawal of $35, so it's going to be a minute before I'm able to withdrawal from them.

Quickrewards allows for a daily no-mimumum withdrawal, with PayPal being the primary withdrawal method for them, the only thing I've gotta worry about would be the business days it takes for them to process everything from PayPal to my banker in question.


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