Visa Logo infused into Ethereum Logo

Will VISA change the world, again?

PayPal thought they were the coolest, hippest, megacorporation in the world. Especially after the launch of their crypto purchasing program for regular people that allowed those folks to reap the benefits of BTC, but not actually own any. HA! Right? Well, now, VISA has begun accepting USDC as payment on the Ethereum blockchain. The possibilities are endless for use case and speculation alike. The easy conversion from USD to USDC is exactly what the crypto-industry needs. Although decentralization is the key to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, in my opinion, the centralized capitalist conglomerates will be the ones to bring cryptocurrency to the forefront of the world economy. Bring it on!

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The Opining Marlon
The Opining Marlon

I prefer the truth over convenience or comfort. I believe that truth survives confrontation, over time. This has caused broken hearts and hurt feelings in many of the people that interact with my content, or, even those I have called a friend.

One World Bitcoin
One World Bitcoin

The changing technological environment is quick and cold. We'll be exploring these events as they shape our not so far off future.

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