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How To Trade Crypto and Make Money Everyday!?!?

The cryptocurrency-verse is a place where no one should get wrecked. By finding good and great projects, a person should be able to invest in a way that allows the growth of the project and pads the pocketbook. (Look at the top 50 coins in market capitalization (ie. coinmarketcap.com) for a good start. Do your research. It must be a part of the process.) It's as if the investor is actually a part of the research and development team. Mainly, because they are. The technologies that are being developed on blockchains are changing the future faster than a day trader can lose $10k. I am not a financial advisor; I am a student of mathematics. It is not difficult to find promising coins and companies but hedge fund managers and bankers want your money, my money, everybody's money! The activity of trading is the best way to hand it over to them. Instead, use the notion of exchanging one coin for another at the right time. This time frame is particular to the investor and should include time to allow for the growth of the project that has been selected. Maintaining a focus on that point is the key to winning. Everyone can win when 3 things are present. 1. The product has a recognized need/ purpose. 2. The product is in limited supply. And, 3. People know about it. All of these push the price up. When the initial price of the investment is less than the price that it is sold, it results in a profit. As long as the project is demonstrating the existence of these 3 phenomena, time will be the only variable to the level of success and positive profitability.

So, in review, do not trade.

May You Delight in the Riches of Your Effort,


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The Opining Marlon
The Opining Marlon

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