One Stop Cryptocurrency News Cast For April 21th 2020 ?
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One Stop Cryptocurrency News Cast For April 21th 2020 ?

📮 21-04-2020

📈MarketCap:                  $198  B

📊24h Mcap %:                 -1.07%

⚠️Bitcoin Dom:                 63.60%

📌Active Coins:                 3,006

📍24h Vol %:                      -2.19%

💲24h Vol:                         $133 B  

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1. Vietnamese Ticketing Agency Accepts Bitcoin on Lightning Network

Vietnamese online ticketing agency Future.Travel now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments via the Lightning Network (LN), with funds being converted into local currency at the time of sale. To enable LN-based Bitcoin payments, Future.Travel collaborated with Canada-based tech firm Neutronpay, which will provide Future.Travel its multi-currency merchant platform. The company states that the LN integration will eliminate online fraud and associated credit card charge-backs. Read Full on cointelegraph.  

2. Bitcoin Community Turns Colombian Sats Stacker to Wholecoiner

The crypto community gave a show of support to a Colombian user Atlas on Twitter, who had not been able to purchase as much as bitcoin he want. AmericanHodl, a popular user among Twitter bitcoiners asked Atlas to share an address to send 0.01 BTC to. From there, more and more bitcoiners joined, even some public figures from the community such as Adam Back and Francis Pulliot joined this donation movement. The address had received over 1BTC. Meanwhile, he also took to Twitter to thank the donors, asking for no further donations and pledging to HODL. Read Full on Twitter.

3. Oxford Law Researchers Says World Needs Crypto Regulation

Oxford law researchers argue that crypto market regulation is necessary to prevent systemic risk in times of crisis. The recent phenomenon of people moving their assets into crypto as a safe haven in responding to the financial crisis has drawn the attention of the academic world. Researchers say that as crypto transactions are decentralized and don’t rely on any central authority, investors tend to move their capital into crypto when they lose their trust in governments and banks in order to secure their funds. Read Full on Oxford.

4. Bitcoin Locked in Decentralized Finance Marks New ATH

The Decentralized Finance [DeFi] had kickstarted the year 2020 noting tremendous growth. Despite restricted growth, Bitcoin locked in DeFi reached an all-time high of 2.026 k, according to data provided by DeFiPulse. BTC locked in DeFi started gaining momentum in February during which it escalated from 1.50k BTC to a value above 1.70k BTC till 15 March. It was notable, that the BTC locked in DeFi did not notice a downtrend during 12 March fall, but instead moved sideways. Read Full on AMBCrypto.

5. Bitmain Rival MicroBT Launches 3 New Bitcoin Miners

MicroBT, a Chinese bitcoin miner manufacturer which is in a neck-and-neck competition with Bitmain, has launched three new machines ahead of the network's halving event in less than 21 days. These are WhatsMiner M30S+, M30S++ and M31S+, MicroBT COO Jianbing Chen announced. Chen believes the bitcoin mining hardware market is now entering the "3X era" - "low power consumption ratio, high stability, and one-year long warranty service" - referring to three features of new WhatsMiners. Read Full on The Block.

6. CFTC Approves Bitnomial to Offer Futures Contracts Settled in Real Bitcoin

The CFTC has approved Bitnomial Exchange to offer margined bitcoin futures and options contracts. To date, only CME, Cboe, Bakkt, ErisX and LedgerX offer bitcoin futures and options contracts, though Cboe ended its contract in early 2019 and ErisX sees little volume on its futures. Unlike CME, Bitnomial appears to be focusing strictly on physically-settled contracts, meaning customers receive the actual bitcoin when the contract expires, rather than the fiat equivalent. Read Full on CoinDesk.

7. Oil Prices Fell to Zero But Not Bitcoin

U.S. oil futures plunged below zero for the first time Monday, a chaotic demonstration of the dwindling capacity to store all the crude that the world’s stalled economy would otherwise be using. Following a market downturn, crude oil is now so cheap that a single Bitcoin (BTC) can buy over 600 barrels and even a single Ether (ETH) was enough to purchase over 15 barrels of WTI. There was an air of amusement among Bitcoiners as prices dropped, with BTC/USD remaining steady around at $7,000. Read Full on Twitter.

8. Central Bank Of Argentina Testing Blockchain Technology

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) is testing a new blockchain-powered clearing system that could be used by some of the country's largest financial institutions. Blockchain developer IOV Labs said Tuesday it had created a proof-of-concept, for a permissioned blockchain network, based on RSK Smart Contract Network, in conjunction with the central bank and major commercial banks in Argentina including Santander and BBVA. The solution is aimed speed up fiat payments, make them more reliable and introduce end-to-end traceability, IOV said. Read Full on CoinDesk.

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