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Hey Guys,

Today I want to address some of the questions I have gotten from previous posts and from other peers. It seems many people want to know my "strategy" for making money investing and trading. So basically, like the title says I focus on gains, locking in gains, and of course I focus on growth and I will give a step by step of the strategy that works best for me. Now, let me say, my strategy works very well for me because of my personality type and the way I measure success. I would love to hear from you guys about how you think my strategy would work for you and also how your strategy works for you. So lets get started.

First, as promised with each new post on our journey to financial freedom using only money raised on the side and not using a dime from our "day jobs", here's a quick review of what has happened thus far and where I am now. 

I setup a Coinbase exchange account. 

Coinbase referral link

Coinbase has training programs that pay you in certain crypto when you watch videos & answer questions (links below)

EOS training referral Link

XLM training referral Link

I setup a Cointiply account- 

Cointiply Referral link:

I setup an eBay account and started selling goods that I bought from thrift shops using the funds I earned on Cointiply.

Now, let's discuss my personal strategy. 

My crypto investment focus is almost entirely on locking in gains and growth. The way I do this is as follows. 

1) I personally do not believe in diversification in my opinion diversification does not dilute risk it simply ensures you feel all the negatives from multiple sources. Instead I research and focus on just a handful of Crypto investments, and I look at different types of crypto investments and set individual goals for each. It has been my experience that when people diversify too much they typically lump all their investments together and judge a win or a loss based on their total amount invested. If they started this morning with $300 in 15 different cryptocurrencies and by the end of the day they have $305 worth of total cryptocurrencies they consider this a win. I DO NOT consider this a win, because I ask simply too many questions such as:

a) Which cryptocurrencies went up

b) Which cryptocurrencies went down

c) What would my total had been if I had only the currencies that went up and no currencies that went down

d) If I were to cash out now, would I still have gained or would I have lost because of the fees involved


2) So, I investment in only a few crypto currencies and for different reasons. I also look at each investment as an individual, and judge it based on only how it does and I do not waste time comparing it to another investment I may have. Why? Well, let's say I have $50 tied up in ATOM (which offers 5% APY) and I have $50 ties up in DAI (which offers 2% APY) and $50 tied up in Numerarie. These are all very different investments and very diff types of investments and shouldn't be compared. You see, DAI is a stable coin that will always be priced right around $1 so money invested here is basically like having money in a savings account that pays a decent % of interest. (I keep about 20% of my total portfolio here). Numerarie is a "standard" currency that has ups and downs. These are the types that you want volatility in because that's how you make money from these types of investments I typically keep around 50% of my portfolio in this type (I'll explain more detail in a second.) ATOM is the 3rd type I'll explain in this post, it's basically a hybrid of the 1st 2 types, it earns a solid APY for all those yield farmers but also has a bit of volatility that can be focused on to pick up some nice gains. 


3) So, I pick out and setup my various currencies like follows. 

a) DAI (Stable coins where I can transfer my gains to lock them in)

b) TEZOS (Pays a 4.63% staking reward) (Hybrid)

c) Cosmos (Pays a 5% APY) Hybird 

d) Type 2 currencies (currently KYBER, BAND, Numeraire, & Uniswap)


4) When setting up my type 2 currency purchases I use the following tactic. 

a) I set aside a set amount I plan to invest into this particular investment say $150

b) I calculate how much I need to break even after fees $165 =$15= 10% growth ( I always focus on the $ amount rather than the % because the $ amount is fluid and can be manipulated to make profits)

c) I initially purchase $50 worth of crypto, if it goes up in price I pull all gains and send them over to DAI to keep the value right around the $50 mark. If the price goes down I double my investment to $100 thus lowering $ value of the currency needed in order to break even and get a gain. For example say the starting price of my crypto when I bought originally was $10 per, well then I clearly bought 5 coins valued at $50, if the price then drops to $8 per coin, I still have 5 coins but the value of them is no longer $50 its now $40, this in when I purchase another $50 worth of the coins. So now I have 11.25 coins valued at $90 and now I order to "break even" The price per coins only have to back up to $8.88, If the price were to go back up to $10 per coin my current investment would then be worth $112.50. If the price were to drop again I would then invest the final $50 and lower the bar to breakeven further down. 

I do this with each of my Type 2 currencies and pull the gains from each of them placing the gains into either my type 3 if the weekly average price is down (hybrids) or my type 1 stable coins if my type 3 weekly average prices are up.

5) The last portion of my strategy is growth! It's not enough to get small gains everyday, you have to also feed more seed money into your investments! I accomplish this using all of the methods I have discussed in previous posts for this blog. If you have any questions about those just read back some of them or ask me some questions as I would be happy to answer them.


So this is my strategy and so far I have averaging 20-35% monthly gains just doing this. Let me know what you guys think and remember, the focus of my journey is to find a way to Zero to Hero - that means to achieve this initial goal for this journey I need to accumulate $60000 and 5 grand per month in passive income from assets that's what this blog is about and I will provide detailed steps as to how I accomplish this goal. 

Happy earnings,




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One man's path to financial freedom
One man's path to financial freedom

It can't be done! This is the response I have heard all my life regarding the subject of becoming wealthy and discovering financial freedom "on the side." What if someone showed you how to achieve financial freedom by following the old advice of working hard at side hustles. This means things you do outside of your day job to increase your net worth to the point you could be considered wealthy. This blog will become a daily journal of my journey to either prove its possible or fail miserably trying.

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