Post #4 Another Additional Side Hustle to raise investing "seed" money

Hey Guys,

So, now that I have had a few days to get comfortable with the faucet Cointiply as a way to generate money to put into my Coinbase investment account and am now comfortable investing and locking in gains on Coinbase  crypto exchange, it's now time to change gears and show you another way to get some extra "seed" money to feed into your investment account.  

But first, as promised with each new post on our journey to financial freedom using only money raised on the side and not using a dime from our "day jobs", here's a quick review of what has happened thus far and where I am now. 

I setup a Coinbase exchange account. This is the place I have decided to store, invest, & grow my funds on this journey. If you don't have the time to read one of my previous posts here is the link to my Coinbase referral code (which will give both of us $10 worth of Bitcoin once you sign up and trade at least $100 of crypto). 

Coinbase referral link

Coinbase has training programs that pay you in certain crypto when you watch videos & answer questions (links below)

EOS training referral Link

XLM training referral Link

And of course we learned about Cointiply - an online faucet and survey site that pays you in Bitcoin and how to transfer that earned Bitcoin into your Coinbase exchange for saving (called hodling) or trading. 

Cointiply Referral link:

And for those of you that don't believe that it works here is a pic of the daily withdraws 


And Below is a pic of my current Coinbase stats 


So, if you notice on Sept 29th I withdrew $30 from Coinbase. This is because I used this money to setup yet another side hustle. I visited my local thrift shops & Goodwill's and found some nice items for very low prices to post and flip on......EBAY! That's right guys EBAY is still around and still can generate a very decent return on your investment. So I used the $30 and purchased a ton of stuff! I bought a vintage snoopy bank (Link below), and even some antique dishes and a rare teapot (link also below). I even bought a vintage Bonanza tin cup that I paid $0.99 for and sold for $9.99 + $4 shipping within the hour that I posted it. That's a huge return on your investment.

If you don't know, Ebay is free to sign up for and to sell on - they only charge a small fee once you sell your items and currently they allow you to post 100 items absolutely free. Because I bought the items using money I had earned on Cointiply I received essentially an infinite % of return on my initial investment. Want to see the coolest thing I found in the Thrift Shop that I got with my $30 investment? I found a hand-painted antique bowel that is over 100 years old! The coolest part is that it's currently valued at $90 (I'm selling it for $75) but I paid......$8 for it.

Remember, the focus of my journey is to find a way to Zero to Hero - that means to achieve this initial goal for this journey I need to accumulate $60000 and 5 grand per month in passive income from assets. So, when I sale all my Ebay items (hopefully soon) that I purchased with my $30 from Cointiply I would have profited $360. 

It's still a long way from my goals but a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. 

Let me know if you have any questions..

Thanks for reading 

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One man's path to financial freedom
One man's path to financial freedom

It can't be done! This is the response I have heard all my life regarding the subject of becoming wealthy and discovering financial freedom "on the side." What if someone showed you how to achieve financial freedom by following the old advice of working hard at side hustles. This means things you do outside of your day job to increase your net worth to the point you could be considered wealthy. This blog will become a daily journal of my journey to either prove its possible or fail miserably trying.

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