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If you have ever read any of my other blogs then you know that I am a Crypto investor and spend quite a bit of time studying and learning trading strategies that help generate a positive rate of return on my investments rather quickly. Well, remember as part of my journey I am not allowed to invest any money from any other source than the side hustles I mention here and show proof of how I get the funds to invest and grow my assets that I will show you how to use to earn a positive cash flow. 

First things first, you need a Coinbase exchange account. Coinbase is one of the most popular (and in my opinion easiest to use) cryptocurrency exchange. From Coinbase you can buy, sell, and convert certain very popular cryptocurrency which I will explain step by step as I do it using this program. FULL DISCLOSURE!!! Below is my referral code for Coinbase. If you click thru this link and sign up for an account thru this link after you buy, sell or convert $100 or more in Crypto you will be given a gift of $10 worth of Bitcoin (and so will I). 

Coinbase referral link

Now, once you have a Coinbase account you will notice that there is an option to Earn Money on this exchange thru learning about various Cryptocurrencies. The exact currencies offering a learning bonus change periodically so you want to pay close attention to them. However, below are two of my personal links that will get you into the earning screen, using these two links you can right at $100 worth of Crypto. You earn $10 for going thru the lessons and you can earn up to $40 from each of these links by supplying others your own personal referral code once you are more familiar with the exchange and how it works. There are also a couple of other currencies offering these paid lessons so pay close attention.  

EOS training referral Link

XLM training referral Link

So now, if you have followed along this far that means that you should now have at least a Coinbase account and probably around $10-$100 in cryptocurrency in the exchange depending on if you were able to do the lessons or not. If you were not able to do the lessons right away (because sometimes they take a day or two to unlock) make sure you don't lose the links above (copy and save them) for when they are available. 

At this point in our journey together I suggest you convert all of your newly earned Crypto in this exchange into DAI. Dai is a stablecoin (meaning it is nearly always worth around $1 per share.) The reason I suggest this is because until you are ready and understand market volatility (which I will teach you on our journey) there is a risk that your money could dwindle downward causing you as a fledgling investor to get a negative outlook on investing which could handicap you on your way to financial freedom. So convert all your earned coins into DAI and let's move on for now. (Coinbase exchange will be one of the many avenues that we will traverse down during this journey together, I will explain what to look for and will show you how to make money on this exchange that far exceeds what you could earn in a traditional savings account.) 

Let's change gears and get ready for some more active ways to earn crypto. Below is yet another referral link this one is to Cointiply an online faucet that pays (very well) to complete online surveys, play games, watch videos, and it even pays you to chat with others on the site.....that's right you get paid to chat.

Cointiply Referral link:

Once you are signed up for cointiply make sure you link your Bitcoin wallet from your new Coinbase account. To do this go to your Coinbase account, select the large "RECEIVE" button - it should pull up a pop up that has a QR code and an address code below it. Pay close attention here to what currency it is currently showing. Change the desired currency to BitCoin by selecting it from the list of currencies. This action should have changed the QR code and the address code that is located just below the QR code. Copy the address code and paste it into the screen on Cointiply that asks you to link a Bitcoin Wallet. Follow the instructions and congrats you now have a way to earn Bitcoin in your spare time that can be sent directly into your Coinbase exchange at no cost to you. 

My next article will be about how to earn as much as possible on Cointiply and how to get those funds from there over to your Coinbase account and converted over into DAI. Hopefully, if you followed all the instructions as posted by the end of this post you should now have the following.....

1) A Coinbase Acct

2) A Cointiply Acct

3) Around $10-$100 worth of Crypto that was "earned" 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns so far...



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One man's path to financial freedom
One man's path to financial freedom

It can't be done! This is the response I have heard all my life regarding the subject of becoming wealthy and discovering financial freedom "on the side." What if someone showed you how to achieve financial freedom by following the old advice of working hard at side hustles. This means things you do outside of your day job to increase your net worth to the point you could be considered wealthy. This blog will become a daily journal of my journey to either prove its possible or fail miserably trying.

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