Post 1: Is there a path from ZERO to HERO?


All my life I have played the role of the one that encourages others. I have told people that if they only focus and put forth enough effort that they can achieve truly amazing results. And all my life I have heard them argue with me that it can't be done and I need to stop drinking the Kool-aid. 

So I decided, I will simply show you how it's done. I am going to write about the things I do in a given day and provide evidence of these things (for the countless doubters out there), I will then show how I will use the money generated from my actions doing side hustles and other tasks (not money from any day job) to become financially wealthy. You are more than welcome to ask questions, you are more than welcome to copy what I do and see for yourself if there truly is a viable path from ZERO to HERO. 

The route I plan on taking during this journey is the simple and direct approach, I will earn money doing numerous and various side hustles available to most people at any given time. I will then invest the earned money into various investments in an attempt to develop passive income.

First let's lay some ground rules and definitions of this challenge so we can have a better idea of the size of the mountain I fearlessly face. 

Rules: These rules can be added to but not taken away as the journey progresses

1) I cannot invest, or use money that comes from any other source than my side hustles.

2) I must provide proof of where the funds I use come from 


Definitions: At the start of each post I will put together a list of definitions of the various terms that I use 

1) Side Hustle - a revenue (income) producing task or action that is performed outside of your standard "job"

2) Financially wealthy - this can obviously mean different things to different people - but for this journey I will define it as follows: Enough positive cash flow from assets (passive income) to offset any monthly expenses plus at least the value of 12 months of my average living expenses in capital assets. (Basically meaning that I would have enough money set aside that I could survive an entire year with ZERO income without changing anything in my lifestyle.) Currently my lifestyle costs are around $5000 per month. That means that to achieve this initial goal for this journey I need to accumulate 5000 x 12 = $60000 and 5 grand per month passive income from assets. 

3) Assets- are defined as something you own that puts money into your pockets. 

Now obviously 60k doesn't sound like a lot of money to some people. and it's far from "wealthy" by some peoples definition. The point of me setting my first goals at this point are for a few reasons. 

First, because of the fact that my own lifestyle can operate on this amount for a year without any changes to my daily routine.

Second, my initial goal has to be not only achievable for myself but for any readers that are following me down the same path.

Third, by learning what it takes to reach this first goal, I only need to scale up the program to achieve whatever goal I dream of. For example, once I show you the steps it takes to obtain $5000 per month in passive income, it's only a matter of "keep doing what you're doing" in order for you to potentially obtain $83,333 per month = $1 million per year. (Which is probably more in line with what people think of when they think of financially wealthy.) 

And so without further delay let's get this party started......


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One man's path to financial freedom
One man's path to financial freedom

It can't be done! This is the response I have heard all my life regarding the subject of becoming wealthy and discovering financial freedom "on the side." What if someone showed you how to achieve financial freedom by following the old advice of working hard at side hustles. This means things you do outside of your day job to increase your net worth to the point you could be considered wealthy. This blog will become a daily journal of my journey to either prove its possible or fail miserably trying.

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