Do You Remember The DTubeSnap? – DTubeSnap Week 1

By d00k13 | One Love Decentralization | 17 Nov 2020

What’s going on Video Creator’s!? Coming at you today hoping to inspire a little creativity with the #DTubeSnap challenge. Super simple and a great way for anyone just starting on the platform to get engaged and earn DTC(DTUBE Coin) and OneLoveIPFS Hosting. Not only do our favorite three gain crypto and hosting rewards for participation but also access to all the One Love Creator Tools while subscriptions last.

What Is The DTube Snap?

Keeping this super simple we would love to see everyone from all walks of life apply and get engaged. Whether you are new to DTube or have been here since the very beginning, this contest/challenge is open to everyone.

Rewards For Top 3

  • 3 DTC + 1 HBD of #OneLoveIPFS Hosting
  • All participants following the above will be curated by our Team with votes going out on Avalon & HIVE & STEEM


Please Upvote & Share, Leave A Comment + Mention Your Friends


Can’t Wait To See All Your Glorious Videos 🙏





Avalon Block Explorer




Found at you can see @TechCoderX‘s Announcement Post Here

With this tool you can check and see we have 2 Leaders in the Top 10 DTube Consensus and also view the Rich List mentioned above.


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Tired Of Your Videos Not Playing? We Have Solutions!


An alternative way of uploading videos to DTube, a decentralized video platform built on Steem, Hive and Avalon blockchain. With a competitive $0.087/GB/month you will get full access to our creator tools including our IPFS Discord Pin Bot, DTube Uploader, Thumbnail Swap Tool.

Videos Playable Forever, Faster Playback, High Quality Thumbnails, Thumbnail Swap Tool, 0% Beneficiary (exclusive to interface), Add Beneficiary To DTube Posts, Create Steem/Hive Post & Upload Images Within Our Uploader, Skip Upload & Rendering Queues, Use Upto 7 Post Tags, Resume-able Uploads.


Check It Out



  • Support for Alive, a decentralized multi-chain live streaming protocol
  • User settings for customizing upload threads, API nodes etc
  • DTC payments in Shawp
  • Schedule videos
  • If you have any enquiries regarding our uploader, feel free to contact us on our Discord Server.


OneLoveIPFS uploader v1.0.1: A post-mainnet update


“We #OneLoveDTube are a group of content creators aiming to support creativity on DTube and the platform alike by manually curating content while providing IPFS backup solutions that keep videos playable forever!”


We Will Get There Together


Join Us In Discord, Click The Image Below


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