XGT - Cpu mineable coin join now !!!

XGT - Cpu mineable coin join now !!!

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 20 Jun 2021



Dear publish0x community and miners, today I want to tell you few words about XGT coin that is still in its early stage.

Let's take a look at what XGT can offer for us:

1. Infinite scalability for financial inclusion 

2. Dockerized libraries for egalitarian opportunity to run full nodes

3. Optimal governance for egalitarian participation

4. Streamlined full nodes for perfect app integration


Some specs:

1. Transaction confirmation time= 4s

2. Fees per transaction= 0$

3.Transactions per second= 3000


Also, let's take a look at what power holders and what Financial Power we can have.


Financial powers:
Launch XGT Token Trees to create Community Coins, Fundraise, Monetize and Incentivize the growth of your own community
XGT Token Trees enable ICOs to fundraise
XGT Token Trees enable emission-sharing to draw revenue and monetization
XGT Token Trees enable votable emissions incentives to cause community growth
XGT Token Trees have incredible synergy with community-launching applications.

Holders have the power to:

Vote on XTT's which have been created using Votable Emission Pools, for XTT Growth Initiatives
Such as vote to emit coins to initiate Verified New Users
Such as vote to emit coins to content producers
– Content is used to solidify great XGT-based apps
Create Energy, which can be used to power smart contract execution, without destroying XGT or incurring gas costs
Smart contracts created for the Ethereum Virtual machine can be run on XGT, without transaction fees costing users XGT
Energy can be used to fund transactions, reducing costs to users and businesses
Secure their tokens with the most sophisticated multi-sig system currently available
By specifying multiple keys, incredibly diverse and potent
signing authority systems can be created
Transact and use the currency
XGT empower peer-to-peer payments
XGT can power consumer to business payments
XGT can power global remittances for family members
Enjoy an open cryptocurrency without economic centralization, with predictable supply, and the store-of-value properties provided by Bitcoin


Those is just a few words about XGT if you are already interested i will refer you to:

WEBSITE: https://www.xgt.network/

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/DD7dj8mhZ6

We are there to help You and ready to manage and guide you to set the first miner. That is easy as pulling and running a Docker container!


P.S keep in mind that CPU mining is available atm. There are GPU mining in plans so join now and get your XGT!!!





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