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Why Covid-19 affect Bitcoin ?

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 15 May 2020


Today I want to say a few things about our situation and how it affects the market and BTC price.

All of Us already know that BTC halving past away and the price is not growing up like some of pro-peoples says.

You can ask Why?

In my personal opinion the reason is simple :

1. The pandemic status of the whole world affects all aspects of life and by that, a lot of peoples lost job/work or businesses falling down.

2. Peoples want to be safe and they want to keep the money as long as they can to be secured with funds for the future.

3. No one will invest any big amounts of FIAT money to invest now in cryptocurrencies.

4. When peoples are afraid of what can be next they simply save and making safe moves.

What Next?

The price of BTC holds value for some time and I think there will be no big fall but I think that after all the Covid-19 situation will start clearing BTC can

go strongly up and maybe even double it value the question is not if? the question is when?

As all of us know Governments start to take some restrictions down, in my opinion, the price of BTC will start growing in not more than a month.

So be ready and follow the price 

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