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By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 30 Sep 2019


Do You like an Audi, VW or BMW cars ?? 

Are You a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast as me ??

If Both answers are Yes You should focus on Transcendence Blockchain and 

Telos Coin made in Germany.

Firts time when i heard about Telos was few months ago I joined to polish Telos Coin community and meet there a loot of 

helpfull persons that explain for me some basics things about that project, anyway I was a little sceptic about it and all what comes from

Transcendence Blockchan. 

So now You can simply ask me what changed from that day and why Im saying Only Telos.

I do not need to think about it a loong the reason why I'm investing my money and buy Telos.

I make a translation of Transcendence WhitePaper and even if I don't know I read whole content and I understood how strong and how much

potential the whole project has.

I dont want to explain You all things step by step point by point because it needs a loot of time and as all of us know time is money.

If you want to know more, I refer you to Whitepaper. Check how much Telos can really be worth in the future.

The team of that project and all peoples involved in are very active persons and helpful for new peoples that are join to Transcendence Project.

Here is a link to Whitepaper:

It will take some time to read all but is worth it. 


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