Luck- Multi instances guide Windows

Luck- Multi instances guide Windows

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 21 Aug 2020


Today I will explain how to set multi mining instances on Windows

Keep in mind that each instance needs  CPU with 2 threads or more and 4 GB RAM

You need to prepare address where you will be mining on You can get one from GUI 


Ok let us start:

First You need to go drive C and create folders that will be holding blockchain data I make a folder named 1


Next, open CMD and navigate to luck-win/luck:


Then we will start the first miner by command :


luck.exe --miner.forterbase "YourAddressHere" --miner.threads "2" --mine

This will start first miner it will start mining from block 1 but as soon as it connect to seed nodes You will see info Mining aborted due to sync :


After that node will sync and start mining straight after sync.

Now You can minimize the first cmd window and open a new one.

Navigate again to luck-win/luck

The next step is to start second node with :

luck.exe --ipcdisable --datadir=C:/1 --port=30010 --miner.forterbase "Your address here" --miner.threads "2" --mine

You will see similar situation as before :


Again You will see info Mining aborted due to sync.

That is all if you want to add more instances need more folders on drive C:/ called for example 2,3,4 etc...

The change is simple datadir and port 

luck.exe --ipcdisable --datadir=C:/2 --port=30011 --miner.forterbase "Your address here" --miner.threads "2" --mine

luck.exe --ipcdisable --datadir=C:/3 --port=30012 --miner.forterbase "Your address here" --miner.threads "2" --mine


Keep in mind You need a lot of rams because the system also using Your resources !!!!

Any donation accepted :

Luck only :)




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