Let's take Mini Ethereum to the Moon !

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 29 Jun 2020

Hello in my latest Post I present You a project called Mini Ethereum.

Mini Ethereum is an ecological application platform based on the blockchain value transmission protocol.

1. It links, transfers, as well as improves circulation and what is important it reduces circulation costs of various assets of the ecological application platform through point-to-point value such as entertainment, games, malls, finance, big data, and traditional assets.

2. Mini Ethereum is an upgrade from universal blockchain to professional blockchain technology. At present, a complete and effective ecological application platform is created for the linking and circulation of various links in the blockchain ecosystem.

So basically we have an ecological Platform that can be a game-changer in 2020 

In my personal opinion is one of that projects that we should keep an eyes on it and track their announcements and social/info pages :

1. https://miniethereum.online/

2. https://medium.com/@miniethereum

3. https://twitter.com/miniethereum

4. https://t.me/miniethereumtoken

The Mini Ethereum project can make a big step in ecosystems that the team of it is building giving us a opportunity to support it 

by buying or taking a part in airdrop and become a holder of METH.

I'm also giving a guide to take a part in the airdrop :

1. You need follow their twitter : https://twitter.com/miniethereum

2. Retweet Pin tweet with comment & tag 3 friends : https://twitter.com/miniethereum/status/1274766099666677761

3. Follow Telegram Chat and Telegram announcement channel : https://t.me/miniethereumtoken , https://t.me/miniethereumchat

4. In a field : "Referral code (telegram User name) 2 METH" fill my username: @AllForOneA41

5. Fill Mini Ethereum address from Trust Wallet

That is all Enjoy and become a part of Mini Ethereum 



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