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By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 20 Sep 2019

In today's era, many of us remember how young we were.

We say how it was and how it is now. How young people have changed. We complain we were different we played in the yard more often than at home and we lived with full life.

Candies were a reward and today your child will force you to buy sweets. Go to some supermarket ... funny but we really live in the era of consumerism of plastic bottles, corporations, loans, tricksters, and a constant lack of time. When I first heard about BTC it was too late to mine. The more younger generations are deprived of this capabilities. Satoshi Nakamoto gave us a beautiful thing with hope that we will make good use of it. Blockchain technology has changed perception of money in our eyes and will certainly change it into the eyes of our children, it's a shame they will have to invest a loot of money to own any BTC. Many coins are created that want to exist. Massive presales from greed to profit without a desire to change for the better. Do you also see how the world has changed and even the world of cryptocurrency ??


That is the reason why I want to create One Hash Coin.

Coin with Fair Mining system that will be a GAME CHANGER where each connected to pool miner will have same share because of mining that will allow mine one hash one second pause.

Blocks that will be found on pool will be signed with special key. Only that blocks will be accepted by Blockchain to prevent whale miners, mining farms (One for All)

Each connected miner will have same share of coin no dumps with price will be possibe at big scale. More miners connected less share for each miner is simple enough to do math and calculate. 

For example 100 miners connected and 10 One Hash Coin reward each will get 0.1 Coin. 

But that is just an example because we can just imagine how many miners will come to mine when they will know that anyone can mine with 

one thread and lowest affinity.

As all of us know tere is much more small miners more single pc users than a big miners with complicated Mining Rigs. 

We can save a loot of energy and still make good PoW 

Its an simple cooperation One Hash Coin is aim to be One for All and Miners will become All for One 

Im still rising funds for development of that project. On project where I'm sure that my son will mine in future and also your child will be able to mine.

The main target to start project is 2000$ if you want to support My idea You can tip me here or make donation on:

BTC:  35s4oggqLZSuHMtU6tzV5632i5VaXxBuGL

ETH:  0x57C52a6d66dbbE4b7d1EEEA234A53C26B186657a

LTC:  MHxT4cFeidtVfjjyMWh3uqW9oJAToTcsw8

Its just 2000$ in basic we need 2000 persons that will donate 1$ 

Thanks for all and hope see You at next One Hash.

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One Hash Coin

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