Ergon - Stable peer to peer electronic cash system

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 4 May 2021



Hello, let's take a look at Ergon 


Ergon (ERG) is a bitcoin (PoW sha256d, UTXOs, 10min blocks, etc. + on-chain scaling, new genesis) with proportional reward - a block reward is proportional to the current difficulty, corrected for Moore's law. The goal of this design is to stabilize the price of a single unit in the long term.

The main net is live.



Digital signatures provide strong control of ownership.


Proportional reward ensures that all participants play by the same rules.


Send money in minutes.

No Downtimes

Unlike banks, the network is always online.


Battle-tested technology


Send money anywhere in the world.

No pre-mine/ICO/founders reward/IFP was added. The development will be funded with community donations and grants.

Join discord and/or telegram for more info :

Enjoy !!



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