Agenor [AGE] The road to mass adoption

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 2 May 2021


Hi, guys today I want to present you Agenor coin [AGE] It is PoW, PoS MN coin, currently PoW phase end and we are a place where best option to earn coin and get more is Staking or running a Masternode.

Let us focus on features that Agenor Team want to bring for us :

1. Marketplaces that combine online store and services around the world

2. A payment gateway with low fees and easy to use for the non-technical audience.

3. Cryptocurrency ATMs where you can buy/sell your crypto assets easily.

4. Education and Awareness about AGE and cryptocurrencies 

The coin looks very promising and I will highly recommend joining before it is not too late currently we can trade with otc channel on their discord.

I will refer you to the two pager at

and other links that you can find below:

Interact With Agenor


Merch Store:

Mining Pool:

Discord Server:




Github Repo:





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