2Ether A stable Ethereum fork with a suite of intuitive free tools for launching infrastructure projects and implementing digital payments

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Hello ,

Today I want to introduce a new upcoming project that is a Fork of Ethereum , it's called 2 Ether.

Let's start and see what they can offer for us :

Here I present the problems and solutions that they can offer for us :


Like we see the problems and solutions looks really promising and from my point of view that can be one of best upcoming fork of Ethereum , or even best fork ever made.

More things that I want to focus on is mining , from what I read in White Paper the CPU and GPU miners that will do not reach 100MH can enjoy with reward increase. That makes a nice thinking about small miners instead of big mining farms , and I'm glad that 2Ether Team make this that way.


There is a loot of content in White Paper from where we can read about things like :

Dynamic Block Reward

2EtherEX – a decentralized exchange by 2Ether

Free smart contract audit

2Ether IEO platform

I do not want to put here all. You can take a look on White Paper and read all that they working on Im waiting for that project with my fingers crossed and I think You should know about that project too.

Here most important Links :

Website: https://2ether.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/2Ether_

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/2Ether/

Whitepaper: https://2ether.com/whitepaper.pdf


Writed by GoFY



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