Brave New World Novel By Aldous Huxley

Brave New World Novel By Aldous Huxley

By oldnic | Once Upon a Time | 30 Apr 2021

Brave New World Novel By Aldous Huxley


Book Summary:


Nearly 600 years in the future, London sees the release of Brave New World ("After Ford"). Human society has been almost completely industrialized, with a handful of individuals at the highest levels of a World State controlling it.

The first scene, which offers a laboratory tour where people are formed and trained in accordance with the rigid class system of society, sets the antiseptic tone and thus dehumanized life. On this planet, the natural cycles of birth, ageing and death are horrors.

Bernard Marx is an Alpha-Plus (or High Caste) counselor, and in an environment where material security and physical delight — offered by a medication soma and recreation — are the only interests, a single individual becomes discontented. Woman-stricken, Bernard nonetheless interacts with Lenina Crowne, the pneumatic beauty of a place far from London's regulated technical environment, who agrees with him for a week's holiday at the isolated Savage Reservation, in New Mexico.

His superior, the DHC, spontaneously admits this way back when Bernard leaves that he has visited the Reservation Savage, and in sorrow admits that he has lost the lady who has been there accompanying him. Embarrassed by the revelation of the socially objectionable feeling, Bernard is being activated by the DHC, threatened by exile by his own social faults — not enthusiastically involved in sex or soma.

Bernard encounters a lady from London who had born a son some 20 years ago in the Savage Reservation with Lenina. Bernard has his chance to gain leverage over the D.H.C. — the dad of the child — and takes Linda and John back and openly shows them to the D.H.C., who is near the banishment of Bernard.

D.h.C. flees in horror, shocked and ashamed by the evidence of the horrific reference to normal birth. Formerly a "social" outcast, Bernard is now quite successful because of his relationship with the current famous "Savage" — John.

Reared upon the normal ways of the reservation, John finds London odd, frustrating and inevitably repellent, along with the old volume of Shakespeare's poetry. His quote from the Tempest — "O brave new world / that has people there" — initially reflects his wonder at the "other spot" where his mother told him as a child. But the quote is humorous because John is increasingly angry about London's leisure, soma, and equal citizenship.

The tentative seduction of Lenina triggers John's rage and aggression and, later, he becomes angry again with the death of Linda. Finally, John's attempt to prevent a crowd of Deltas from their Soma ration leads to a riot and the arrest of John's "emotional engineer" Bernard and Helmholtz Watson alongside him.

The three face the judgement of Mustapha Mond, World Controller, who accepts the challenges of this brave new world, but announces the lack of liberty and individuality at the low price to buy peace. Bernard and Helmholtz are banished to the Falkland Islands, and Johannes laws have to remain in London.

John intends to retreat for himself in a quiet secluded lighthouse outside the city while his two friends depart for his exile. There he attempts, with ceremonial whips and spit, to purify himself from humanity.

Draws on John, who becomes a national sensation – a kind of animal of a person during a zoo – by the spectacle of his wild penance, reporters and audience. John hits her furiously with the whip as Lenina arrives in the audience. John's frenzy inflames the mob, and brutality becomes a sexual orgy, with John being attracted additionally or less unwittingly, depending on his social training.

The next day John learns in disgust what he did, waking from the effects of the soma. The novel closes with a photo of the body of John dangling from his lighthouse retreat without lifting from a wooden bar.

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