Part 5: "DON'T PANIC!"

So let's get back to the matter at hand, and foot, and brain. What exactly is all of the stuff that makes you, you? We appear to be getting closer to that answer with every advance in quantum physics. Inching ever closer to the true atom, the bottom of the turtle stack. The point at which no further division can be made. Zero. If String Theory, or its counterpart M-Theory, or Membrane Theory are correct, or at the very least, more correct than our current understanding, then our physical realm just got a whole lot more interesting. To break down these theories in the simplest way that I know how, I will say this. The idea behind them is that at a certain point well below the atom, nucleus, quark, higgs-boson and even smaller still, all matter as we know it ceases to exist. It essentially all becomes energy, or as they describe it, 'strings' of energy, or rather a membrane, or if you like, a field of energy, all vibrating at very precise frequencies, which in turn, causes the appearance of physical matter to coalesce into existence. Perhaps this is the conscious energy of thought itself, creating a physical house to call home. Well, to be fair, its probably a bit more like a vacation house than the house that you would call home. Because we can all feel the difference between the two. When you get down to it, we accept no substitutes. There's no place like home, there's no place like home, oh there's no place like home, for the holidays.

Home sweet home. Home base. Home town. Home sick. Home land. Welcome home. Home is where the heart is. Home made. This is the place where we typically begin and end, almost every single day of our lives. It is both the starting point, and the finish line. As far away as we may travel, the invisible tether that we have to this place will always inevitably pull us back. The importance of having a place to call home can not be overstated. It is one of the fundamental components of our lives. If we are lucky, we are born into a good one. We are raised in a loving one. And eventually, we leave this one, in search of creating a new one somewhere else to start the cycle again. Sadly however, we don't all come from happy homes. Many, or perhaps even most of us come from what we call, broken homes. Which segways nicely into home repairs, but let's not forget about home security systems, and home insurance, which exist to protect us from, disasters and even home invasions. We protect our homes and those within them above all else. We even have this on much larger scales, like The Department of Homeland Security. But what about the flip side to all of this, what is it like to be homeless? To be out on the streets, exposed to the elements, lost and alone. The concept of "home" transcends the physical structure of the house. It is something that also includes the people within the house, and the general atmosphere that this combination creates. It is this atmosphere, whether it be warm, safe, bright, calm, loving, accepting, encouraging, or the flip side, cold, dangerous, dark, chaotic, hateful, full of ostracism and despondency, that seems to have the greatest impact on our development into adults. In short, our home plays a crucial role in making us who we are. Home is a kind of North Pole or North Star in this way. We use our homes as a means of orienting ourselves in the world, as a constant reference point for navigation, and as a basis for comparison for quality and experience throughout the rest of our lives. Without a place to call home, we feel utterly lost. 

If you ever find yourself to be truly lost, what are the two most important words that you need to remind yourself of, in order to survive? 


And always carry a towel.

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On The Origin Of The Universe
On The Origin Of The Universe

This is a series that makes up a short story I wrote. The story explores the possibilitiy that when it comes to thinking about the origin of the universe, perhaps we have gotten it all wrong this whole time. Maybe this new narrative would better explain the true nature of nature. I think our current established understanding of existence/reality/the human condition/religion/life/the universe/everything could use a bit of reworking. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know how wrong I am!

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