Why is it so...

I look at this world, where the human race dominates and has done so for thousands of years. And I can't fathom why is it that we, humans, think ourselves so smart that we know best .. So much so that we think telling lies, or hurting others is somehow justified by some higher idea which ultimately only exists in our minds?

And then I lose hope for humanity.And why shouldnt I? We selfishly want things just for ourselves, we ignore others suffering, we attack other humans physically and verbally in our daily lives, we laugh at others misfortune and we rarely even think about it. As long as we get our daily drug , be it alcohol or TV or social media and so on, we are happy to go again the next day.

Why I haven't completely given up is for knowing that everyone has the potential to be a better human being. The battle does seem lost in most days. But it will be equally wrong to stop fighting for change.

Which side are you on?

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I like honey

On life, the universe and everything
On life, the universe and everything

My own thoughts. Take it or leave it.

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