What went wrong?

Happy employees, committed to the vision without the need of managers watching over their shoulders... Businesses that care about customers and the common good and it is obvious without having to shout about it.. Children growing in a world that is evidently fair and full with hope... People with integrity and demonstrating trust and compassion...  Sadly not the norm these days.

In the name of making money instead we witness people with no integrity and relying on lies and deceit, kids grow up disillusioned and the majority depressed and fatigued , businesses that rely on lawyers to cover up their dirty dealings, unhappy and often suicidal employees that are being tracked every minute by mistrusting managers. That's our reality , sadly.

How did we get  here? 

I don't have all the answers but it has something to do with our way of life. How rich people are allowed to get away with pretty much anything, how schools reach the wrong skills the wrong way and most definitely with his we are all made to arrive just to have enough to survive. This is not a fair and just world, this is he'll on earth.

What are you going to do about it?

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On life, the universe and everything
On life, the universe and everything

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