Investing vs trading or why I am leaving Binance and 3commas

Ok, just to be clear, I have a degree in economics and I've known the difference between investing and trading for some time. But like it sometimes happens, one gets enthusiastic about a certain thing (e.g. Crypto) and they can easily forget the basics. which I guess is what happened to me.

So there was a good reminder about that which somehow came upon me recently while exploring a very different tool (more about that in a separate post). I am not sure I can post.anything of value from that tool so instead I found another useful link in case you wanted to read more about the actual differences -

These are explained very well in this article  and there is no need for me to discover hot water all over again.

Back to my case though, having had this reminder I realised that I don't like trading and I am not happy doing it. So I have to.ensure , if I am to enjoy this, I have to focus on investing and not trading.

With that in mind I shall be pulling all my funds from Binance and I shall be closing my 3commas account. Whether I put my funds into crypto or not, I still don't know. I have to go back to my investment roots , perhaps re-read a few books, and then decide what to do next. 

Perhaps it's time for you to consider also.if you're in it for the trading or for the investment. this reminder really was an eye opener for me.

Good luck!

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