Do Not Invest in Forsage: Forsage is a PONZI!

By jedryccc | OMG - Online Money Guide | 23 Jun 2020


Forsage claims to have no admins which would be very much untrue, having a site run and all. Someone is getting the money. Forsage is not a legitimate Mulit-level marketing company (MLM). It does not have any products to sell or promote. It is a glorified cash gifting scheme what makes it different is that it uses ethereum.

Forsage has some very bold claims like zero fees, transparency and anonymity and all that jargon. It might sound impressive but it's all just another pyramid scheme paying by using investments from lower tiers. It will eventually collapse and everyone scammed will be sad. The only way you can get your money back is by having people give you money. It's just asking people for money because you gave someone else the money you're asking for.

Forsage will eventually stop paying. There are only a finite number of people in the world and not all of them will fall for a scam like this, especially you. Do not ride the panther. It is not time to summon the force. As the scheme ages, it will be forced to collapse. It will eventually die and be another scam down.

Even they mention it, that all profit comes from other participants directly into your wallet.

Do not invest in Forsage, invest in something else. Stake or whatever. Do some stocks. Anything will be a better investment than Forsage.


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