Bling Financial launches Bitcoin Food Fight!

By jedryccc | OMG - Online Money Guide | 20 Jun 2020

Throw knives and other items at the food. Not only is this knife throwing mobile game fun to play, you will get rewarded with Bling Points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. -Bling Financial

Just this week, another game has been added to Bling Financial's roster of Android games. Bitcoin Food Fight is a twist on the ultimate knife challenge game, Knife Hit. Instead of throwing knives, you throw food and cutlery to ramen bowls, sushi and more food. Upon its release is a limited triple bonus on rewards in the game.

Bling Financial also released three other games, namely Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Solitaire. 500 Bling Points can be converted to 50 satoshis via Coinbase.

Bling's games might not be your usual blockchain game but their apps have been downloaded by more than 1.7 million users with more than 5 million Bling Points paid out.

Their games work similar to cryptocurrency faucets. Before a level or round of the game, players are shown an advertisement. Their games combine the earnings of a faucet and the fun of a game where you try to beat levels or get a high score.


While it takes time to garner a substantial amount of Bling points, Bitcoin Food Fight and Bling's other games are a great way to have fun when you have nothing else to do. The company's games are a great way to start with Bitcoin and their moves are making cryptocurrencies more familiar to the masses in the form of fun and exciting applications.

Bling launched its first game, Bitcoin Blast in 2019. The company was previously named Loaded and Sagewise. A new addition to Bling's roster of games has come!

Link to the app:


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