Where Do We Go From Here?

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 27 Mar 2022


It's hard to know where to go when you are looking around you and all you see is chaos, turmoil and wars that never cease. It is hard to know where to pick up from when you don't even know what the world holds. The uncertainty that looms in the air has rendered so many people lazy and the song on most people's lips is "Nothing is certain, I can't kill myself."

It's true that nothing is certain and no one can predict the future. A lot of people use the situation in the world as an excuse not to do what they have to do. Yes, we don't know where the world is going but then, I ask you, where do you want your life to go? At least if you can't understand where the world is going, at least, steer your own life in the direction you want it to go.

I'm not delusional to know that a lot is happening around us and it's discouraging. It's hard to teach younger kids anything these days because the reality they are faced with is in sharp contrast to what we are telling them. How can I tell a young child that love is the answer when he or she sees the news and notice the killing and fighting all around? How do we tell children that peace exists when countries are at loggerheads with themselves? How do we tell them to give their best always when corruption has riddled the country at every corner like bullet holes on a fancy car? How do we tell them to believe in what the world now stand against?

Things are not getting easier and it's getting scarier day by day. Sometimes I wish I have the magic wand or I can just command that peace like Jesus did to the raging storm. I don't even have to be known, I just want to wave my wand at midnight and we would enjoy relative peace and kindness. The truth is, all this chaos and wickedness gives life meaning so we can understand the true value in life.

Without bitterness, we won't understand sweetness just as we can never fully understand what love means if we have not been exposed to hate. Everything happens for a reason and I've come to understand that it's okay not to understand certain things but we just have to do what's best for us, as long as we are not hurting another person in the process.

How do we understand what peace means if we don't have chaos? How do we know someone is acting against the good nature of things if we don't have an understanding of what's right and wrong? We can't control everyone's actions. Someone said that if we can't change the actions of others, we can at least change how we feel about it but let's face it, it's not easy to act unbothered in the world we live in because you might think what's happening doesn't concern you until something happens to someone you know... God forbid it.

We might not be able to change who we are based on our inherent behaviours but we can change how we act which calls for deliberate efforts. No man is perfect and we all try to be better and on the road to that recovery, we would hurt a lot of people along the way while we try to discover ourselves too. That's how life is and that's what life is all about; trying to be better and not just being comfortable at being evil while tagging it as "Accept me the way I am. This is who I am." In a way, that might be true because what you did is who you are but it doesn't have to be who you will become.

There are a lot of discouraging factors in the world and when you live in Nigeria, you will understand that you are being frustrated at every corner and there is no hiding place. The government on its own would frustrate you. They implement different policies to our detriment and they expect us to roll over and just accept it. They know we have no choice because it's either we accept it or falter and they always have legal terms to cage everyone who defaults.

We have service providers that would frustrate you. They increase their tariffs at will without an obvious change in the service rendered. They know we live in a corrupt country, at most they would pay the government more and we are the ones at the receiving end of things to pay for what they have paid the government. The road network would frustrate you, electricity and the bills being paid for the light you didn't use would drive you crazy. Drivers on the road would drive you crazy, responsibilities would make you want to run away and never come back but we still can't stop living.

I might not know where the world is heading due to the chaos we have been seeing now and then, with humanity being lost and lives worthing not much with the ease by which others are taking lives but I know I have to steer my life in the direction that I wish to go. The world will always be the way it is but we don't have to always be the way we are. It's not going to be easy but there is a difference between hard and impossible. Let's keep living and do what we can with our might so we can worry less about the things we have control over.

This post also appeared here and it's my original work on my blog on [Read.Cash](https://read.cash/@Olasquare/where-do-we-go-from-here-2b6e2981).

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