What's Your Point?

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 26 Dec 2021


Everyone wants to speak but very few want to listen. We have all developed the art of speaking - wanting to be heard whereas we don't even listen. This cuts across every aspect of our lives too because we expect people to understand us whereas we are not willing to understand another person's point of view. We always want to see things from our lens while ignoring the rights of others to things.

5+4 is obviously 9, so is 8+1 and 6+3... The bottom line is, we have to be able to reach a logical conclusion with others. As long as things get done, it doesn't have to be only from our view. Learning from others help us more than we can know because it gives us diversity that can help to make a better and informed decision. Most people don't grow because they only want things done the way they want. It becomes a power tussle rather than a solution. They ignore the main course of action and make everything about them because they just want to be heard.

I understand that we all want to speak our minds to make it known that we won't have our rights trampled upon, as a sign of freedom. We have those people who feel the need to address everything and just wouldn't overlook some tiny details too. The world is wild, just as some humans would only stick to their side of the story without minding whose ox is gored.

Humans are naturally selfish and that's why we focus on ourselves regardless of how it makes others feel. It is about what we want, what we can get and I have seen a lot of people manipulate others with words just to achieve a hidden agenda. I do see between the politics in human nature and can't help but smile. They are not being mean, no, far from it but they are just being human, that's all.

In the process where we just want to be heard and stick to only our view, we most of the time fail to perfectly weigh the actions and the outcomes of things. We ignore the blind spot since we are focused on only one thing; our view. We live in a world where most people speak before they can even think and when they now realize the consequences of their actions, things must have gotten way out of control. Someone once joked that we need to be careful of those who know the answer even before a question is asked and that's the truth. It shows someone who is always willing to speak without even trying to understand the situation of things.

It's a fragile world and as wild as humans are, words can break us. Harsh words might break no bones but you can't doubt that it can break a heart and a hundred bones with no heart means there is no life. So, when you break hearts, you are killing a lot of people, so I am going to ask you, how many people have you killed?

As people of conscience and consideration, we need to learn to give more love rather than just a piece of our mind. Many people want to give a piece of their mind without weighing the consequences. I am not against pointing things out to people but how are you doing it? There is a 'how' to talk. Most people hear more than we say sometimes because of the way we explain things. This is why most people have issues unresolved because of 'how' they went about it but I still need to say that there are times we need to overlook some things.

We have to understand which issue to address and what we need not address. We need to ask ourselves, "What point am I trying to prove and to what extent?" This would help us to know what to say, how to say it and also know what not to say - things to overlook. If it is about getting things out of your mind and without the intention of making the other person better, you can be sure you won't say it the right way because I have seen people address 'the person' rather than the issue and when we get to that point, it gets ugly because naturally, the other person would want to fight back and defend. Never attack the 'person' whenever you are addressing any issue.

We need to let the power of love override the love of power. Most people feel the need to fuel their ego and oppress others because they want to make them their subjects. We are expected to have an aura as human beings, not an odour. If you take a deep look at things, most of the things we address doesn't worth it. They are situations that don't really matter but we get entangled with them because we just want to feel right. Life should be about consideration for one another even though we know most people are naturally selfish...

We can learn to give people a piece of us rather than just a piece of our mind. We can help by cutting people some slacks and looking the other way. Yes, there are issues we must address but there are those we don't need to sweat about. We need to ask what the end goal is. What's the point you are trying to prove? If you can honestly answer this, it makes your choice of knowing what to address and what not to address easier.

This post also appeared here and it's my original work on my blog on [Read.Cash](https://read.cash/@Olasquare/whats-your-point-b0d66090).

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