Two Terrible Teams, One With Hope.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 10 Apr 2022


Two inconsistent teams met and as usual, Manchester United gave hope of survival to Everton. This team knows how to give hope to other struggling teams and despite how poor Everton has been in recent games, Manchester United cannot even get a goal against a team that has 5 Clean Sheets all season before this game.

Manchester United gave the ball away, lost possession, were sloppy and did everything criminal to throw the game away and they did. It's surprising because Lampard and his team managed to get all 3 points against Manchester United to stay 4 points from safety. Can things really get more worse for United?

There is no doubt that this team doesn't deserve the Champions League spot and that hope has faded away now no matter how they want to spin it. They are disjointed, too individual and never played together as a team. They showed flashes of their brilliance in the first half and the second half was worse. Everton didn't play so well either but that goal from Gordon was the difference.

I want to believe that Manchester United has been cursed too because Ronaldo won the ball, seconds later, Matic lost the ball, and Richarlison found Iwobi in the box whose little touch sets up Gordon before Harry Maguire deflected the ball into the net. They play like a team that has been cursed and they have no desire, no fight and no determination left in them. All they know how to do is commercials and tweet apology words on Twitter.

Rashford was the only one that looked like a threat at least in the first half and he had 3 good chances in the game which Pickford saved 2 and the 3rd one he was unable to get a touch to Bruno Fernandes' long pass. Suddenly, Pickford that has been shaky and lacking in confidence suddenly because a top goalkeeper against Manchester United. This says a lot about how dead and buried this Manchester United team is.

Manchester United are too casual and they only play for the draw. They don't have any urgency to their game. I doubt they have any emotions about how painful the fans feel when they watch their shambolic performances. At least, Rashford made a record in the game if he couldn't score. He became the youngest player to make 200 appearances in the Premier League for Manchester United. At least, that's something he can look forward to at the end of his career (sarcastic). Another overrated player.

Everton were lacking in confidence before this game and Manchester United just gave them the confidence to grow into the game. I've never seen a terrible team as this Manchester United and even when Chelsea struggled, I do t think they were this bad back then. This is a scathing attack on Manchester United and I am not letting it easy or slide.

We seem to be giving hope to most struggling teams and now, with Lampard's job on the line and Everton about to be dragged into the relegation fight, we gave them hope to our detriment. We gave Frank Lampard his 3rd win as Everton's boss and also his 3rd Clean Sheet too. I have every sympathy for Erik Ten Hag if he managed to come to Manchester United because this team would ruin his CV and he would become an ordinary coach which most people would start calling overrated.

I don't think there is any hope for this team until they let go of so many players, cutting their wage bill and picking players only by performance. If they have to patch up with Academy players, maybe they should, at least we would have reduced expectations than these overpaid players with a lack of appetite to do the job they are being paid to do. They are too average and I wouldn't want to see the UEFA Champions League become a dumping ground for the average team like United. In fact, Europa League doesn't deserve that either neither does the Conference League. The average team deserved the average spot. We should be back to the 10th where we belong by the end of the season.

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