The Little Things of Life.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 7 Jun 2022

I've always said that life is not that hard but we are the ones that make it complicated unnecessarily because we see other humans as competitors rather than see them as helpmates. Help goes both ways and you can either help or be helped. While waiting for help, whatever you have within your power to help another, don't cling on to it and reprieve another person. A wise man once said that if what you have is not enough to meet your need, turn it into a seed.

Helping others is a seed. We are too concerned with "now" that we lose the reward of later. The person you failed to help today, you either don't know the trouble you have caused that life or you don't know how blessed that life would be later on that would in turn become a blessing to you. We are sometimes shortsighted when it comes to helping others. The Bible says "What do you have that you have not received? If you have received it, why boast as though you have not?"

A lot of people feel proud because they have attained. I think it was Cogamedia that said yesterday that having much money doesn't change anyone, rather, it shows us who you are. If you have more money or more power than others, how you use it would let us know who you are. It's not rocket science...but the plain truth. Stop feeling proud because you have bread to eat, have you forgotten that someone owns that bakery? Your achievement was someone's starting point and what you attained today another person has the opportunity to attain it too with hard work and consistency.

Achieving things in life isn't only about spirituality but there are certain laws you have to apply. You can pray the whole of heaven down and if you don't do what's expected, you can never achieve anything meaningful and it's not a curse. How do we think those who don't even know God succeed and yet didn't do anything illegal? There are laws to follow in life - do what you have to do and let God do all you can't do. All you can't do isn't a function of intentional laziness but a function of the fact that you have given your best and you hope that God grants you that favour.

In 2014, when I was in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I started working in an agro-allied firm as an accountant. It was three years after that I learnt about the blockchain and I joined. I joined and I started making money off it. I was super excited and I made sure everyone in my office then registered and joined. Out of all of them, only 2 were consistent and out of those two, to date, only one consistently does it daily.

He sent me a message and his message was what birthed this post. I started writing this post some minutes after I got his message on WhatsApp.

Messages like this make me happy because you never know the kind of trouble you have saved people from just by your help. Of course, I wasn't the one that helps him to write his posts. I only guide and tell him what to do and what not to do. It's okay for people to guide you but you have to be willing to walk it. I can point you in the direction to go but I won't be the one to walk it for you because I have my race ahead of me as well. This guy didn't only get the direction, he walked the whole length of it while still consistently asking for direction along the way to be sure he is still on the right track.

Most people won't even ask for directions. Some people, even when you give them direction, they still won't take it. Some, when you show them the direction and they start walking it, they feel they have attained and would shove you aside instead of keeping you on the side because the journey can get bumpy along the way. This life isn't hard but our actions make things worse for others and ourselves.

What's the whole essence of life if we can't help others? I only introduced him to the blockchain and if I didn't, along with others, does that mean I would make what they were supposed to earn on mine that time? No...I would still be earning the same and their earnings won't stop mine. This is why I have zero sympathies for those who pull others down. Dimming other people's light doesn't mean your light will shine only means when your oil runs out, you will have no one to help you reignite your own. We underrate people a lot, thinking this is how things would always be. A lot can change for anyone in a matter of seconds and those you have pulled down might be the only source to getting back up again. How would you feel when that happens?

You cannot own the whole world because if you do, where would you put it? You cannot own all the money because you won't always live forever but the lives you touch along the way while giving them the chance to grow and make their own wealth. I lost count of the number of opportunities those I have helped have shown to me when I didn't even notice too. That's life...we all need one another. Someone introduced me to the blockchain so why become greedy and not help another person??? Life isn't that hard at all... Take it easy...

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