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By Olawalium | Olawalium | 2 May 2022


What comes from the heart touches the heart and that's the quote I've learned while growing up. One of the many quotes, I would say. Anyone who has been following me since 2017 when I entered the Blockchain would know about this. Even before that time when I was scribbling down my ideas on higher exercise books (which I still have till today anyway), I've always been writing from my heart. Even when I moved from scribbling down to WordPress, I've always been practical and I always write from my heart.

This is not to say that those who make research are not writing from their heart, far from it. Of course, they are. They are putting pieces together to form a whole and you need to put your heart into researching if you ever want to come up with something tangible, so yes, they also poured their heart into it because they are giving their best to doing due diligence to come up with something worth reading.

We are all different and my contents have always been about pouring out my heart based on the happenings I see around me. No one knows it all... I don't claim to have the monopoly of knowledge. What I know is a fraction of what others know. Just when you think you have attained, you will be humbled to know that what you know is little compared to what others know but every little bit helps.

When I started writing and developing content, I decided to create a niche for myself which I would suggest to every content producer do. You have to be known for the pattern of your writing. There are some things I don't write about not because I don't want to learn but because I have a pattern that I want to be known for. A lot of people dabble into so many things and they don't get the interest of so many people. I know a guy that would always challenge others on the kind of content they create.

Today you are writing about lifestyle and tomorrow you are discussing cryptocurrency. No one would take you seriously because there is no way that you have an understanding of every topic. I'm not saying we can't write something for a change but when I write something outside of my comfort zone, I still narrow it down in the end to what I am known for. I try to connect them so my readers won't lose touch with what I have been known for.

Content creating requires a lot of work and it's not just about "let me make a post and know I am done for the day" but it is about having your readers in mind. I asked myself when I started writing "What Motivates Me?" And the only answer I came up with is this, "If one person is blessed just by reading my post or content, I am happy."

I am more user conscious, so when I make create my content I create it with my readers in mind. I make sure it's not a waste of time to them or something I do in a rush just to get it over with but something I do that when a random person reads it, that person would take home at least a point there. The thing is, there is nothing others haven't written about but we all need a refresher course; a reminder from time to time and for some, it would come at the right time because that content would address what they are going through currently and that would make all the difference to them.

It's like giving someone a dollar...to others it might look so small but for someone that is hungry and needed it, it is like a million dollars. It is the same for those who needed to hear that particular thing. They would cherish it so much like their lives depended on it.

I try to use real-life experiences when I create my content. I don't try to do or write what everyone else keeps writing. Even if it's the same thing someone has read somewhere many years ago, I give practical experiences while making it real. I love giving life to words. It's about making someone know better because when we know better we can do better. My contents are always practical...something people can relate to and I feel that it has to also be something someone can learn from.

A lot of people have written on how to make the best content and just as I said, this is me throwing my weight around making this post different but telling you that you don't need to think too hard on what to write, once you find your niche; areas you are good at that you are comfortable writing on, you just have to polish your English, make adequate learning on how to always improve and do it without fear.

The truth is, we would always doubt what we are putting out. If you have never doubted if it was good enough, definitely you haven't done a great job because that doubt in your mind would make you want to go over it again and again to fine-tune tiny details. I've had to question myself many times if that post was good enough. Most of the ones I questioned would be the ones many people would engage and tell me how much they love it and the ones I feel would gain the best attention would be the ones that would gain the least.

The bottom line is, as long as you keep pouring your heart into what you are writing, be it personal experience or research work, don't worry too much and don't let fear hinder you. Even if no one engages it for a while, don't bother...keep doing what you are doing and that time would come when someone would find what you have written before now useful and you would know it wasn't a wasted effort after all. Consistency plays a part in putting yourself out there and being known for what you offer.

Be creative and own it.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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