Please, Run II.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 12 Jan 2022


I shared the link on my WhatsApp status and a guy read it but he told me he would love to hear from the perspective of a guy too. He wants me to advise the guys also against ladies who take them for granted hahaha. Oh well...

As I often say, it's not a gender thing but it is more of who you are. Most ladies have also used that line before "complicated" because they just want to enjoy benefits from the guy while holding on to the person their heart beats for. It's not about who is right or wrong but about us going better as humans.

I would advise any guy to run from a lady whose main focus is just about marriage and she won't even develop herself. Most ladies just train themselves for marriage and after marriage, they have nothing else to offer. It's sad because women are capable of so much more but they don't even see it themselves.

I advised a friend of mine to be wary of a lady she just met and because she stays abroad she feels she controls the situation of things and was telling him her plan is to get married this year and he should get on board with it. Of course, I asked my friend if that idea sits well with him because I can't advise him if I don't know where he stands.

I am not against her plan to get married this year but I am against how she is going about it. You can't because you want to get married this year you would overlook sensitive intimate moments you are both supposed to cultivate as a result of communication. Communication is key and most people don't even know how to talk. I get worried when most people think they hold the ace and they are doing you a favour by dating you.

Guys, you need to understand your worth and not put yourself in unnecessary bondage all because you are looking for the easy way out. Marriage is a lot deeper than most people think and you would have to make sure you ask certain questions, make sure your goals and visions align and be ready to sacrifice some other aspects too just to make it work. If you are the only one sacrificing, please run.

I know we don't all have the same ability but at least you must do something no matter how little. It's the intention that counts. Those who think marriage is the end goal surely don't have a purpose to live for other than having a title. For a determined mind trust me, marriage should be a bonus. Success is attractive but how do you even want to cope when you have nothing to bring to the table?

** be continued...**

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