It's World's Mi Amor Day.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 28 Mar 2024


It's bright and cold out there today so I know it's special
Take a look out of your door today and you'd see it's special
The air smells different, the birds chirp with more melody
The wind blows gently too as the trees and leaves dance to the rhythm
There is this fragrance in the air that makes it known
That today is not like every other day as before
Have you been out of your door today?
Take a peek from your door or outside the window?
See the mist coming down in incessant flow
See how the world looks brighter amidst her glow
Can you hear the sweet sound as the trumpet loudly blow?
It's frightening deafening with melodious tune and it's never on the low
Suddenly, the birds chirp melodiously in symphony
The trees bow to the wind in chorus out of admiration
The fishes leaping out of their shores, came to the fore
They dive deeper in the water before
Excitement ringing through all over the place
The rain gave away its heavy downpour
Emptying all the reservoir in the store
The storm clouds are gathering heavily too
The obvious is about to be revealed to all
A rare gem who graced the earth many years ago
What a blessing you are to the world and my world, popsicles
Your tree is full of goodness, time to harvest, where is my sickle?
You rained kindness on everyone, not in trickle
The light of your love and sweetness forever in my heart kindle
Happy birthday to you, Mi Amor.


Wife material; 100 yards. Check ✅. Amazing personality. Check ✅. Good cook. Check ✅. Fun spot. Check ✅. Mother. Check ✅. Sweetheart and a darling. Check ✅. My cocaine bliss, my illegal high and the addiction I always fail to resist. Check ✅. Happy birthday to you, beautiful wife. I love you.

Happy birthday to you darling. Words can't describe what a blessing you have been. You are smart, intelligent, strong, sweet, beautiful, understanding, supportive and loving. Thank you for how far God has helped you to grow. You’ve got that smile, that only heaven can make. I pray to God everyday, that you keep that smile.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today; doctor's order.

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Writer. Motivational speaker. Farmer. Relationship coach. God lover.


God's son. Giver. Motivational Speaker. Relationship coach. Writer. Poet. Football lover...

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