It's Hard Enough.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 8 Apr 2022


We are all the sum of the things we have been through. The experiences we have had over the years have rubbed off on us to make us into who we are today. When you see someone that is always on the edge, you might not understand why they are the way they are until you hear their stories. When you see a lady with trust issues, you would think she isn't doing so much until you hear how the last person left her at the altar or how a friend stole her boyfriend and ran to a foreign country with him.

When we understand people's stories it would be easier for us to cut them some slacks and then listen. The major problem is that most people don't listen and they are focused on themselves which makes it hard for them to pay attention to others. Maybe they also have a story of how they have been hurt and wouldn't waste their time on anyone anymore.

We have all been through a lot. We might not have the same story but we have all been dealt one blow or the other by life. What we see, hear and experience would always want to keep us guarded and play in our heads when similar situations present themselves.

Life is hard enough and we don't need to make it harder for one another. We can learn to be gentle and kind which doesn't necessarily translate into weakness. You have it better and it doesn't mean others do and because you have it worse doesn't mean others are not having it better. Life is about seeking those with similar stories that can inspire us on how they overcame.

We all struggle, we all have our weaknesses and no one is perfect. As nice as I can be, I can be savage and I am sure it goes for everyone too. We don't really know anyone until they have been pushed against the wall and watch how they react. This is why I don't pretend to understand people when they are going through a situation, especially if it is a situation I've never been in before.

Imagine someone who lost his parents and you came to console such a person by saying "I understand how you feel". You can never understand how he feels because you still have your parents. You can't understand how he feels because you don't understand the circumstances that led to that death, their last words and the high hope that boy has. You can relate to it by the virtue of losing someone close to you but you can't understand how he feels.

It's the same way when we see people struggle, just because it's not the kind of mistake we would do it doesn't mean they are weak or not trying. Stop judging people just because they sin differently than you. There is something you also do that they would never in a million years try or do. We are all fond of saying "That can never be me" when someone fails but you might fail woefully if you found yourself in a similar situation too. I understand that we are responsible for our choices which is why I am more of a preventive kind of guy than seeking solutions everywhere.

Of course, I love to seek solutions but I must have tried to prevent it first, forecasted it and then I would now deal with it. What am I saying? Life is hard enough and because we have it better doesn't mean we have to make others feel worse off. If you can help them, by all means, help them but if you can't, then just go on your way and not make their life miserable by making them feel worse off.

Sometimes we feel we don't have strength left in us because we feel we have reached our limit but we can try even more. There is a lot we can do in life but it takes a strong mentality to achieve them. Nothing comes easy and growth is never easy. Imagine how long it takes a tree to grow and think about just how many minutes if not seconds it would take for them to cut it down. To build is never easy but to destroy and throw it all away is the easiest of all decisions.

We need to make better decisions and help others in any way we can. There are various ways we can be there for others but never force any decisions because, in mistakes, that's how we learn and when we have someone to hold our hands in the middle of that mistake, it makes all the difference. This is why I said it calls for a strong mentality because most people take advantage of having someone to walk them through it that they intentionally make those mistakes. We should never be afraid to try even if we would fail at it.

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