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By Olawalium | Olawalium | 9 Aug 2022


Romantic relationship means the two people involved are intimate with each other (emotional closeness) and commitment is the only thing that can turn that romance or intimacy into something real.

Being in a romantic relationship does not necessarily mean that the two people MUST involve in sexual activities, rather it means a relationship where the love that is expressed is felt by the two lovers. If it is felt by one, it is an abuse and also not a relationship. A relationship is just like a ship willing to take you on a ride. If it is just you, you are not in a relationship.

Most people think being in a romantic relationship is about touching and kissing. As much as that could be enticing and ready to be explored, it can also mar that relationship especially when it has not been defined and the feeling is not mutual. What comes from the heart touches the heart. Romance is of the heart, where your attention is focused and who fills up space in your heart.

These days, with high expectations due to movies, most people have changed the idea of a romantic relationship to expensive dinner. If it is not expensive, then he or she is not romantic. It is a shallow way to think and most people think this way because they want acceptance from others who have enjoyed such before.

Being romantic doesn't have to be expensive and it bothers me when most people think it must be the guy that should be romantic. Most ladies sit back and want all the attention to themselves forgetting that any natural human would go to where he is celebrated rather than where he is tolerated. We all have our breaking points.

In a romantic relationship, be careful not to be seen as someone who is only interested in the goodies and sharing the body. That is just a business transaction; you give your body, he buys you over with goodies. It would be a travesty for anyone to place a price on who you are.


Being in a romantic relationship involves 3 aspects:

1... Intimacy: which talks about the emotional component of your relationship. It is about being relaxed and being true to yourself around the person you claimed to love. It is about sharing innermost thoughts and feelings. Always allow people fall in love with your mind before they do with your body or better still (because men are visually motivated by what they see), allow them to fall in love more with your mind than your body. Intimacy is also about trust. You can't claim to be intimate with someone when you don't even have an iota of trust for them or trust in them.

2... Commitment: which talks about the intellectual components of your relationship.

We now live in an era where people are already looking for an escape route even before they commit into any relationship. Oh! What if it fails? I always tell them too, "Oh! What if it works?".

One of my many daughters told me about a guy she is dating and then mentioned how the guy told her they would not be having a court wedding. Upon hearing it, I already know in my mind the kind of person he is... He doesn't want commitment and they need to understand where the guy is coming from first else it would be issue going forward. It might be based on one experience that messed him up. There are those who would never want to take so much risk for their relationships and want everything in comfort. They just want to play safe and people like that would never be willing to give their best in difficult situations.

We should create an era where once something is broken, you won't just throw it away but you'd fix it.

3... Passion: which talks about the physical components of your relationship, which is the desire to touch, kiss, hold each other and lovemaking. I won't be saying much on this as I really want us to redefine what romance is all about.

Most people think a guy would leave them or a lady doesn't love them until they explore each body parts and recreate every inch of their own dimensions to it.

You want the body? Do you know about your partner's dreams and goals? Do you know about what bothers him or her? Do you know about his or her fears? Do you know about the insecurities your partner deals with? Take a pause and ask yourself those genuine questions.

Thank you for your time.

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