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There are laws that govern everything we desire in life but most people are not achieving so much success because they are not following these laws. Just as you need a map to go to places you don't know or ask for directions from those who know it, it's the same principles that apply to it when we want to achieve something.

There is how to do things or get it done and anyone who applies these laws or rules would achieve the same result as others. Human naturally wants to kick against anything that limits their free will and this is why we need to be disciplined. There are laws being applied when you see people achieve success and when you see disaster or lack of progress, laws are being violated and we can see that not just with individuals but with countries of the world. There are laws that govern not just humans but the world.

Anything you see others achieve can be replicated when you follow laws or the process of how they achieved what they achieved. Many people want success but they can't painstakingly allow themselves to go through the process. Nothing can be achieved if we won't understand that process is needed in life just as we need discipline and patience to go through it as well.

Self-discipline is a habit and a daily practice. Habits are the easiest to pick up but the hardest to drop. Discipline produces results that last forever if we could only go through them. When we are being subjected to process, we are building character and strength. Life is not being hard on you but life is building your capacity to handle all that would come because life gets tougher as we grow older. Adding to your age is easy but growing up is not and that's why we need discipline.

If you won't take charge of your finances then you would learn the hard way, especially with mounting responsibilities. When we were younger, we wanted to be older so we can enjoy certain freedoms and do certain things but now that we have been older, we wish to go back to being younger so we can avoid certain things or make better choices. That's the way of life...it gets tougher as we move which is why we always complain by saying "adulthood is a scam."

We need to take responsibility for our actions because discipline is the key to greatness. Lack of discipline is costly as it makes you work with nothing to show for it and then mess you up. A lot of things we blame the devil for is due to human laziness and our inactions. Discipline is the first step to success. It's a bridge between your goals and the achievement of your goals.

We all have plans and things we want to achieve. We all have dreams and aspirations but they would remain a dream on paper if we don't show the needed discipline to go through it. Most of us made new year resolutions but it's just 2 months into the new year and I am sure most people have even forgotten about their commitment and that's not the devil's fault but because we lacked the needed discipline to go through with it.

Nothing significant truly happens in the life of a man without discipline. Discipline is to live your life based on principles and not emotions. A lot of people run their lives on emotions and this is why you see a lot of people start a business and under a year, they are out of business because they would rather not collect money for goods sold to family and friends. In fact, your family and friends are the ones who should patronize you first and pay for the service rendered or goods sold but most people operate with emotions but business and life are not always like that. A wise man once said that destiny is not emotional so whatever you want to achieve, you must have the will and desires to go through with it...the right way. Of course, you can give discounts to your friends and family but not at the cost of allowing it to eat into the cost of the goods or services or cost of production as we often call it.

Success is what comes after excuses stop. A lot of people would give you a thousand excuses why things didn't work out rather than admit that they lacked the discipline to make things work. There is no one affecting your life and there is no one hoping that you fail it's just that you lacked the discipline to get things done.

That book won't read itself, that savings target won't save itself, that business won't start itself, that proposal won't write itself, that book also won't write itself, that post won't publish itself. Of course, there are those who wouldn't wish you to do things, I get it, but they can only wish and it would be nothing if you actually do what you are supposed to do, per time. Talking is cheap and we need to start acting because discipline is the key to achieving whatever you desire, even in stopping the habit you have grown accustomed to.

This post also appeared here and it's my original work on my blog on [Read.Cash](https://read.cash/@Olasquare/discipline-0e0bfd80).

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