Becoming Kingdom Minded.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 12 Mar 2023


Those who function in authority or exploit they don't have greater authority than you, but they have greater comprehension than you do. Your functionality is dependent on your comprehension. God's Word is powerful but it can only function to the level of how you understand it. Being Kingdom minded will not happen suddenly. It is a process of conscious programming. Embrace the Word of God and let it change the way you think. Think the way the Word is not the way the world thinks. We need to live according to standard...the standard is the Word of God.

What is Kingdom mentality? - A mind ruled by God and governed by His perspective. The lens through which you interpret things must be in the light of God's Word.

Steps To Becoming Kingdom Minded:


1. Make God Your Priority:

The Bible told us to seek God first...His Kingdom first...and every other thing would be added unto you. You missed the standard if you sought God second to other things. The standard cannot change and that's seeking God first. Many people seek others first and then involve God later. When God is not first, addition becomes substitution. We are to place God above all else. Don't just seek God but seek Him first. Involve Him in all your decisions. To have joy, you have to put Jesus first, Others second and You, last (JOY).

Anyone that God cannot transform, you cannot change.

2. Engage In Kingdom Promotion:

Has the zeal of God's House consumed you? When people laugh at Church, do you feel as though you have been laughed at too? What means a lot to God must mean a lot to you. We have those who have gained the world yet they have lost their soul.

Soul winning is a great way to promote God's Kingdom. God doesn't want sinners to die without knowing Him. We are to be labourers for Christ. You cannot be Kingdom minded and not be burdened about souls.

Kingdom minded prayer is another way to promote God's Kingdom. Pray for souls to be saved. Pray for people to come to the understanding of who God is. Don't focus all your prayers on yourself. Prayer provokes grace which in turn propels the Kingdom. We need to have covenant commitment.

You are saved to serve. No salvation is free. God told the Israelites to go...only to serve Him. We are who we are so we can use those things to serve God. God is not looking for who to enslave but who to enthroned. Service is the pathway to greatness. The nature of God is selflessness and that of the devil is selfishness.


3. Kingdom Investment Givings.

Who have you supported? Have you supported Kingdom's works? Money is a tool for advancing the Kingdom. Money is a servant not a god. Anyone who is keen on obeying God would live a life of joy. God's work done in God's way cannot lack God's supply but it pays to be a part of what God is doing because we cannot out-give God. God is always willing to beat us to whatever we have invested in His works. When you are a faithful servant of God's Word, nothing limits you. God's blessings are not location restricted. God is ready to bless you everywhere and anywhere.

Thank you for your time.

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Still me,

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