Be Encouraged.

Be Encouraged.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 2 Dec 2020


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Hello there, 


It is the last month of the year 2020...  How have you been? How are you doing? How has it been so far?


I asked those questions because I know the past months have been nothing short of stressful - mentally draining and physically exhausting for you, even financially disturbing too.


I want you to know that just like every other year that we have used, it will pass and there is always a fresh start where your commitment must remain valid and renewed.


I want you to know that you have people right beside you, cheering you up because I know there had been unpleasant moods and times where you weren't happy with things around you and you are wondering how you'd get by. Never close your eyes to those who truly matter.


There are people right beside you, cheering you up because you have been physically exhausted yet there is a need to push forward just to attain your goals.


There are people right beside you cheering you up because this is your journey, totally customized for you... You are running your race and where you are now is where you are expected to be at this time of your life - so nothing is accidental about your life, everything is happening to you just as it is meant to be, even if situations look coincidental.


I also want you to know where you are at this point of your life and what you have been experiencing, what you see as challenges and problems are just bumps on your way towards passing this stage successfully and you know what? Anybody willing to be promoted won't escape tests in one way or another.


Take a moment and think about every Bible character you have known, read or heard about, they all went through challenges before they were certified success stories, even non-believers are aware of this principle of going through tests to come out victorious and this should encourage you a lot.


I also want you to know that you are going through a process... a process where you will crawl first, then walk, then run and then you can fly and every challenge you experience will be centered around these processes and that will also tell how well you have been growing in every area of your life - emotional growth, academic growth, mental growth and so on... You are still growing and still, you have a lot of growth to experience because the person you were this time last year isn't who you are expected.


Something changed, something has been changing, so these are the questions you should accurately answer:


What has changed about you?


How can you continue to ensure you don't stop growing?


Are you going to ensure that you apply the learning points you have gained from your experiences to be better in every area of your life?


Despite all you have experienced, I still believe you have strong support systems - the love of your family: your siblings, parents and people who have demonstrated their capacity to be in your life, the love of friendship - friends who are fiercely loyal to you in words and needs, who never stop showing you how much they care about you even if you might have to clash with some to understand them better, the love people have for you - the type of love mixed with friendship; the type where you continue to wonder why you are loved and why you are supported that way.


In all these, you have a responsibility - the need to believe in yourself more than anyone else. This has to be very important for you. It will be the major reason you wake up on your bed each day because you have a goal in mind and a focus ahead.


The need not to be moody or sweat over the things you can't change, but to be thankful for your experience because it is always an opportunity to grow more, the need not to lose yourself. I can't guarantee that your life will not be busier but you will need to create a balance to ensure that the relationships you hold dear to your heart won't shake - this means regardless of how busier your life might be, you have to continue striving to be the best version of yourself; as that sibling that is loved and as that friend that is cherished by many.


So don't stop pushing. Every stage has its tests, so after successfully passing this stage - the next stages are ahead with their rewards and I am certain that you won't fall short of expectations because you have built your character over time. You have so much greatness in you and the world will eventually see it.


You are never alone and it is okay to ask for help.

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Thank you for your time.

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