187th Manchester Derby - £1B Down The Drain.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 7 Mar 2022



If anyone ever thought this United side would win against Manchester City, they are living in a cocoon world of self-delusion. There is no confidence even from the fans because they are honest about their assessment of the team. I know a lot of people try to keep hope and expect the best of this United side every time they play but I love being honest, I love being real and I don't just go with blind loyalty as I state things as they are.

Of course, I always hoped they would win but there are some matches that you know it's not possible to win especially when you see the quality of the opposition like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and the likes. Manchester United are gradually finding their level as the mid-table team that they are.

I predicted on the Manchester United app that we would get beaten by 3-1 but I was just 1 goal shy of my prediction. I would have been spot on if Mahrez's last goal didn't stand. That's how terrible this team is and I don't think this should surprise anyone anymore. Manchester United are terrible and there is no need to sugarcoat it.


This team relies on individual brilliance when they should work together in sync. It took Sancho's individual brilliance to get United level after Kevin De Bruyne gave City the lead. It didn't take long before City took back the lead and Mahrez added his double also to take the game beyond all reasonable doubt. United were lucky to lose by 4-1... It should have been worse if not for the quality of De Gea between the sticks.

I don't know how a team could have invested over a billion pounds on players and still look so average. The quality of the players is never in doubt but they are not playing together. Manchester City had spent around the same figure, maybe slightly a bit more than United and you could see they bought players that they needed for every position, not just players to make marketing sense. United have too many attacking players they don't even use yet their major area of concern has been left unattended.

The midfield area is bad and Harry Maguire is terrible. Bailly can't stay fit and United are showing loyalty to players they should be shipping away from the team. United can not get anything done until they start acting ruthless in the handling of their players who are just getting paid for doing not so much. As it stands, I don't see them taking that top 4 spots because their next fixture is against Tottenham and United won't turn up again, as usual.

It was obvious that in this game, one team wanted the win more. Liverpool would know better never to rely on this United side to do them any favours and they would have to keep winning till their encounter with Manchester City to decide the title in case City hasn't dropped any point till then too.

I've never seen over a billion pounds go down the drain as this United investment and over the years they have shown that they are incapable of growth and that winning mentality. Don't be surprised if they win against Atletico Madrid but still drop off in the Quarter Finals. They are unpredictable in every area especially after they have shown a glimpse of hope at first.

The reality has set in and United has found their level which is at best mid-table. I won't be surprised to see them slip to 6th position soon. The best this team can go for is Europa League because they would be another disgrace in the Champions League. They had better leave that spot for a team that knows how to play football and wanted victory more than just the name they carry behind their shirts. Such a disgrace of a team and investment down the drain.

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