Uni Swap on Okex!

By Official Okex | Okex Announcements | 18 Sep 2020



Big news for Uniswap and Okex!

Okex is listing Uniswap tokens... and not just for spot trading! Okex is also listing Uniswap tokens for margin trading, swap trading, perpetual swap and savings! If you are one of the many people who received Uniswap tokens there are plenty of options for trading your tokens on Okex!

To make trading UNI tokens more attractive and celebrate the fact that Okex is the first exchange to offer UNI derivatives we are offering zero transaction fees in UNI/USD perpetual trading; this is both for the makers and the takers. This is a great opportunity for cryptocurrency traders and UNI token holders! 

Okex believes there is plenty of room in the crypto market for both Dex's and traditional centralized exchanges. In fact, Okex lists a variety of Defi tokens on our exchange. To learn more about our UNI Token listing please go to: Okex Academy and read our full article.

Pleased to Be on Publish0x

Okex is excited to be on the Publish0x platform and give exciting announcements about our exchange. Okex offers a wide variety of services on our exchange including: 

  • Purchasing a variety of cryptocurrencies with fiat money
  • Supporting over 30 fiat currencies and many different languages
  • Spot trading over 100 different cryptocurrencies
  • Derivatives and futures trading and not just Bitcoin but also Ether and XRP
  • Pooled staking and mining
  • Lending crypto
  • and a whole lot more

If you have never been to Okex please check it out and let us know what you think. Okex Exchange


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Official Okex
Official Okex

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Okex Announcements
Okex Announcements

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