Taking a Stand

Today we have a choice to decide what side of History we are on. Today we are in the midst of a shift on how our economy works. Will you cling to traditional finance or will you step into the future?

Today has been a long time coming and banking cartels are struggling to accept that their fate has come. Central banks and big banks have had an unbreakable grip on the economy for quite some time. The government pulled out the banks when they’re scheme seem to have failed and they had over-leveraged themselves. These banks have assumed that they are invincible but a new technology has finally come to make them obsolete.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. Cryptocurrency is the future, this new type of currency has provided the market for ordinary people the ability to take control of their financial lives. I know I have said that repeatedly over the past couple of posts and it has been something that we’ve been saying but it is true. This is a revolution that the world has never seen because it is not the people versus the government, it is not half of a country versus another, it is the entire global population versus the elites and the banks.

We have a choice between freedom and control. We have a choice between innovation and stagnation. Citizens can take back the value of our money and stop losing to those in power. Let’s step into the future and never look back.


Written by Caleb Hogan from on August 18, 2021

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