Self Taught: Part II- The Age Of Information

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” – Elliot Masie

In Part I, we spoke about autodidacticism. What it is, and the characteristics necessary to carry it out. Feeling up to the challenge? Well, if you’re committed to your chosen field of study- you have the technology.

We live in the age of information. Who needs a degree or a university when everything you may need is right at your fingertips? Even before the luxury of the internet, libraries were used by autodidacts from ages long ago. Now it’s as easy as asking google or even utilizing the power of AI to figure out which direction to go.

A Wide Range of Perspective.

Google or AI aren’t exactly adequate to find every answer you might need to become self-learned, but they’re an excellent place to start. Just like a library, the internet has all the answers you could ask for, you just need to do a little bit of digging! Not just answers, info or tools either… The internet is the hub of communication. You will find that you’re never alone in your endeavors, you will always find a helpful perspective along the way not just from one but many points of view. 

Tools Everywhere

With so much perspective out there, there’s most certainly no lack of tools or resources to help in your journey of self learning . YoutubeCourseraEdx… heck even Reddit or just asking AI like ChatGPT. The span of perspective is endless. You can find someone or something somewhere who has the information or tools that you’re looking for. Formal or informal. Paid or Free. A set schedule or a sporadic chain of questioning… However you want to learn, there’s a path for you.

Ask the internet! For tools, for resources, for people, for answers. You’ll find something, someone or somewhere to get started and to move forward. It just takes utilization and discipline.

No Excuses

If you’re truly committed to being an autodidact, if you really want to be self learned, there really is no excuse in this day and age. Let the entrepreneur inside take the reins. If you have a phone, a computer- internet access… you’re golden. It’s all there. Anything you want to know, you can know it and know it to the fullest. Sure, some things take formality and proper training and hands on application to master, but if you search it out, you can learn that for yourself! You have the technology!



Written By SMH from on January 28, 2024 

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