MEME Stonks, And Community.

“We have strength in numbers.”- Anonymous

There has been one thing about the stock market in 2021 that has stood out to me. The fact that so many small investors can band together, and crush Wallstreet at the game of stonks is beyond fiction. We have seen retail investors take some big names on Wallstreet to the cleaners. It seems day by day, that more people are willing to join the bus plowing down 5th ave towards some of the world’s oldest institutions. Everyday young people are realizing the power of community. Folks are realizing strength in numbers is real, and that even against fundamentals markets can set prices. 

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GMEAMC, and  BB have created a community willing to risk so much, for the benefit of themselves, family and so much more… #LAMBO. These MEME stocks have built an army of retail investors no short seller wants to take on. The message is clear; everyday people are sick of elite bankers profiting off of everyday families. This Army of #APES has decided to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and it is awesome.

We have to realize that as crypto, and FinTech evolves, these instances will become more and more common, because “We are the captain now.” This brings us back to our original point, MEME stonks and community. Traditional finance will adapt to retail investors taking charge, or it will sink long with wall street “pros.” None of this is financial advice.  I just think it is awesome to see retail investors kill it for a change while talking heads, on institutional saints are baffled. These wallstreet bets apes have taken GME and AMC to the moon. It will be exciting to see what else they are capable of in the future. community strong!! Let’s discuss further!!


Written by Caleb Hogan from on June 2, 2021

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