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What we need to do, as writers, is find out where our market is and adapt to it. I’m not saying that you follow every trend slavishly, but what you see is that, if there is a sea-change in the way that things are being done, then you account for it.”-John Scalzi

Throughout the course of human commerce and trade, there have been the rise, fall and evolution of market trends. Simply put, market trends are just new or resurfaced technology, fashion, tools, thought, ideology, practice, entertainment, etc. Pop culture. Where are the people putting their money? What are the people looking for in their investments and purchases? 

The questions of today are how have market trends kept economies afloat or moving forward? How have certain trends negatively affected economies? And what causes market trends to come and go?

Past Examples

An excellent example of market trends having enormous impact on the economy, both positively and negatively, is the United States. Specifically, from the roaring twenties to this current day. Market trends as well as dramatic shifts in culture and commerce are observable in pretty much every part of human history, but the States have seen dramatic changes over the past 100 years.

Roaring Twenties

The roaring twenties were a curious time for American citizens. A strange new world where consumerism and interconnected pop culture swept the nation. Overall wealth of the States increased more than 100%. City life became a thing and the stock market was flooded by people looking for opportunity. Houses were being bought and built. People were living the American dream. 

20s Dance Culture

But what happened towards the end of the decade? The Great Depression. The booming American economy had fallen. Jobs were lost and people were starving. Homes were being repossessed and banks were shutting doors- unable to liquidate the money they owed. 

The Roaring Twenties produced an overvalued, and oversaturated market. Opportunity abounded for this new consumeristic way of life; droves of people bought and sold stocks and real estate in a very inflated environment, creating a bubble that would inevitably pop. With the stock market crash, an oversold and loaned banking and real estate system, the loss of jobs, as well as famine and drought playing a hand, The roaring twenties saw both the positive and the negative effects of overbought/ overvalued trends in the market. We also can see the effect of unprecedented natural occurrences and their influence on the world of commerce.

Here and Now

In our common day, trends seem to change and shift rather quickly in this age of information and endless stimulation. There’s always something new. Innovation thrives in the competitive sphere to advance most everything.  

Space, AI, EVs, sustainability, equality, DeFi, convenience, distance, sanitation and safety. These are a few of the market trends we see today. Since the Depression, and experiencing multiple recessions since, it seems as though the market survives, adapts and carries on, one way or another. When new markets and opportunities arise, growth can be seen and expected. These different trends are creating new jobs, new skill sets, new technology, a new world. The growth seems endless.

Tech Revolution

In our day and age, solutions are being sought, innovation abounds, as well as opportunity. However, what’s the flip side to these market trends? The negative impact? Issues are always being noticed and addressed in most any level of production. There’s always room for improvement. For example, some  “sustainable” solutions aren’t exactly sustainable, such as car battery manufacturing and disposal. Not to mention our reliance on technology and the fact that it’s made us lazier and desensitized to face to face interaction whilst at the same time contributing various other issues to humanity. 

Another point to address would be the clear effect of pestilence and natural disaster on market trends in today’s economy. Covid, fires, drought and supply chain strains have created problems all on their own. Small businesses going down, supply shortages, production shutdowns, jobs lost. On a positive note for the economy, different products and niche markets were created. Innovation was sought after and pursued in numerous spaces of trade and lifestyle. And overall adaptation and perseverance came about.

Market Trends Move Society Forward 

No matter the era, no matter the technological advancement, no matter the obstacles, market trends shape our present, as well as our future. We can take a look back into the past and observe the way the markets shift with the needs of humanity. Tools and the way we perform certain tasks are always being made new and easier; we’re always looking to make a better change. Sometimes not all the negative consequences are foreseen nor addressed as quickly as possible, but assuredly, the market will adjust. When problems are being noticed and solutions are sought after, society grows.

Market trends offer solutions through adversity. They tell us what our communities and larger societies value. Whether they be in the form of food, fashion, politics or banking, market trends speak volumes about our past, present and future. 


Written by SMH from on August 26, 2021

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