Investment Opportunity And Community

“Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and, especially, in investing.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Investing and community are two topics that go hand in hand more than you would think. Robert  nails it on the head in his quote above; finding partners, and building relationships is crucial to success in every facet of life. We are discussing this today to continue what was mentioned on the nightcap podcast last night. Today’s world is chalk full of new investment platforms, and new ways to build community and communicate with one another. 

Community And The Web

 From the beginning, the internet was made to make connecting to others easier and possible across distance. The phone brought us this ability to connect and talk over distance, but the internet has become the information transfer which most lines of economic and political infrastructure go through. The vast amounts of interaction and data transfer uses and opportunity  has already laid the foundation for communities, individuals and nations alike, to connect and grow. We’ve already seen the growth the internet has brought us since launching, only to see things advance exponentially faster everyday.

Having the foundation for such a connection to take place, it’s easy to find someone who thinks like you, the complete opposite, and anywhere in between. It’s also easy to find knowledge and resources in the majority of things that fascinate you. It seems that anything that exists, there’s a community revolving around it, even just an idea. 

Investing and Community

  The communities built around investment platforms are powerful, and can sway markets. From Reddit to Stock Twits these platforms are here to stay and growing fast. Investment communities have only become more popular with the rise in FinTech. There has been an explosion of  alternative investing, and more retail focused investment platforms for the past few years; survey says they are only gaining popularity. Keep in mind none of this is financial advice, please do your own research. 

The rise of cryptocurrencies has brought a powerful community based and community focused economic platform. These new currency alternatives have begun to restore the trust that banks have destroyed, and it will be really exciting to see how web 3.0 creates a more real, and tightly knit community than anyone ever thought possible online. Community is the core of civil society, and for us to progress from where we are at now we must embrace one another, and take back control of our financial lives, to stop these banks from robbing us blind.  Please connect with us via email, or check out our new Facebook community! Thanks for reading, cheers!


Written by on June 4, 2021


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