Down She Goes!


Bitcoin falls below $40K for the first time in 7 weeks. Now we panic? According to Jim Cramer BTC may never recover. The BTC ETF has blown smoke up the markets back side. People got sucked into the hype, and are having buyers remorse given the pull back we have seen over the last 48 hours. It is bringing back flashbacks of the ATH pull back of November of 2021. 

With the market pulling back after such a momentous event as the ETF approval it is challenging to understand why the market isn’t flying sky high at this point almost 2 weeks later. To be honest the result isn’t shocking. The real news this year is the Halving event that is going to occur in April. That along  with the ETF event, and continued institutional support means big things are afoot in the crypto space. Crypto wallets are up double digit percentages since the all-time high of 2021 which means the demand is growing, and that’s all we can ask for. Stay tuned for more of our new economy!



Written By Caleb Hogan from on January 22, 2024

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