Digitization of Life: A Reasonable Possibility

“The digital world has become safer and with that, came into existence many great ideas.” –Pooja Agnihotri

Yesterday, Caleb introduced us to the Metaverse, and the pioneers of this phenomena. Every day, these different projects are turning this vision of a 3D digital universe into a reality. Digital realms that we can dive into that seem to be completely separate from our own. But are they so far from reality that we should consider them nothing more than a digital world inside a computerized game?

Coming to Fruition

The digital world is taking people by storm. Properties on games selling for millions of real dollars. The NFT movement continues to illustrate the value of digital assets. Not to mention the rising popularity of things like AI and cryptocurrency. One can’t help but to compare our near future to scenarios like SurrogatesThe Matrix, or WALL-E. Is this level of digitization really a possibility though? 

Digitization of Life in Metaverse Strange New World

We’d say it’s not far from becoming a part of our lives. Look at the way we rely on and use technology now. Is it really a far fetch to see such value in the digital world? It’s already well set in our everyday life. It’s kinda hard to escape it; wouldn’t ya say?

Practical Application Then, Now, Always

From its creation, the internet has revolutionized the ability for mankind to connect with one another. Email, E-Commerce, E-sign, Social Media, Forums, Information sending. The computer in itself was an incredible feat for humanity. Then we go and connect them all together? Unfathomable to some at the time, now perhaps the greatest advancement in our history outside of the infrastructure we are privileged to have which sustains our ability to even enjoy the internet. It’s no wonder why we want it at such convenience, it’s got it all!

Digitize With InterWeb Interconnected Web

Deeply rooted now in almost every aspect of our lives, the internet is hard to live without, if you intend to be a part of the greater society that is. Banking, communication, data storage, payment and money sending, shopping, gaming, streaming, gambling, recipes, the totality of information known to mankind. It’s all there. We all use the internet for something, if not, a good lot of things.

Convenient and Efficient  

As we improvise, adapt and overcome issues in various parts of our lives through technological advancement, it’s not surprising to see those efforts go into putting our lives more online. People are looking for solutions to all sorts of problems that can be solved with digitized resources. Whether they be money problems, liberty problems, or logistical problems, people are turning to computers for the answers.

This global web has got the power to get people the things, information and connections they need faster and safer than they have ever gotten them before. City to city, state to state, country to country, all around the globe. The connection and the advanced forms of tech are there- the question is, how much better can we make it? How much further can we take it? The possibilities are seemingly endless. 

From Crypto to AI- It’s Coming in Hot 

Decentralization, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFTs, AI, VR, electric cars, space programs. It’s all there already. Right in front of our faces lies digitization. 

Digitization With Crypto and AI AI and BTC to The Future!

People are saving time with their rumbas. Waste is being cut with companies and services going paperless. With economic issues such as inflation and labor shortages not getting better anytime soon, folks are starting to look to the digitized world: Crypto to bring financial freedom. Robots and machines to do menial tasks such as drive, deliver, take orders, organize, clean, etc. It’s in high demand- for varying reasons.

Will this all lead to us participating heavily in this digital world (metaverse)? If the market trends continue, it’s not too off-base. Lots of us spent countless hours playing the sims as kids, now, it’s our own lives- not a made up one. Trippy to think about eh? Well, that’s the way we’re going.    

Look for Opportunities

This new phase of digitization is far more than just a trend. The evidence is there. Internet boom all over again, but going deeper than we once thought possible. The tech world has got all the values of the free market: Endless innovation, (consequently) fierce competition, abounding opportunity, and provides avenues of voluntary exchange. The market always wins, and this is the direction it’s heading. A whole digital universe is at our doorstep. Are you ready?


Written by SMH from on December 14, 2021

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